Sharlee stated on the 26th that it was her Grandma’s birthday.. Today I would like to tell you some of the things that I learned from my mom..
My mother didn’t go to college, but she held high regard for education. She wanted her children to do well in school. She was an avid reader and she spent hours letting us read to her. I don’t remember her reading to us like she did with my kids, but I do remember doing flashcards, spelling words and reading books to her for HOURS. She seemed to never tire of it. She held tremendous patience for children too. I never thought she actually considered children-children. She always gave them the same consideration she would an adult. She talked to us the same way she interacted with the adults. This was a trait I even watched as my nephews would be at her house and talking to her. It was normal conversation and she actually paid attention to the things they were telling her.
My mother taught me of service. She gave more service to people than anyone I have ever known. Ever.. She would take my dad’s blind aunt to doctor trips, grocery shopping and church. She would curl my Grandma’s hair for church on Sunday and my Dad’s Aunt Gwen’s,She cleaned house, took meals, babysat, sent cards, gave rides to so many people that I can not even count. When she took a meal it was a really decent one. Her homemade banana pudding had to be warm with the whip cream on the side for them so they could have the full experience.  She took care of my grandparents and loved them like her own.
She taught me acceptance of all kinds of people. There was always room for everyone. She made real friends with my mother in law. My sister’s in laws knew her very well. We had huge family gatherings with all people mixed in. She was never too good for anyone. In fact I never saw that she thought any differently of any of the people she was friends with.
She had a very dry sense of humor-and she found all of us extremely funny..
She was very hard working. She would go and go for hours without stopping. She taught me the value of a clean house. “Pick up that rug don’t just sweep around it!” She hated when you tried to hide a mess. (which I used to do a lot ).”If you do a little laundry every day it won’t pile up like that.” and “you need to scrub that on your hands and knees.”
Some of her trademark phrases were “the only way out is the way through”, “life is not for sissies”, “don’t throw your pearls before swine”. “me thinks he doth protest too much”,”this won’t make any difference 100 years from now” and “take an aspirin, read your scriptures and say your prayers.”
It is strange the things you will find in yourself that you take from your parents, but it is even far more interesting to see the traits of your mom directly staring at you from your children. My children carry some very compelling traits of hers. They are hard working, sharp tongued and both of them are quite smart because of her. Sharlee displays the worrying trait and both of them have the back seat driver trait down REALLY well.
My mom loved Christmas. She made it really great when we were young. In my mind it was magical when we lived in Garland in our little house with the tree we got on Christmas Eve with the spray snow and icicles. She played the music.. made hot chocolate and we had to see Santa every year. We left him cookies and notes. One time he even called us on the phone.
Today I was getting out my decorations and I had taken some of her Christmas stuff. I pulled it out of the box and all of the sudden there she was. Young and happy and singing silly songs. So I hung the memories on the tree and for one brief second I said I love you mom.
I love you for teaching me all these things, I love you for loving my kids, I love you for showing me the magic of Christmas and the most important lessons in life – That there are some things you HAVE to do on your knees because it works better -I have used both of these ALOT this week..  Cleaning and Praying.
Thank you MOM …
Happy Belated Birthday