When Zach and I were at the Eric Church concert back in November, Justin Moore was one of his opening acts. He was about to sing a song that he supposedly was told NOT to sing on any of his other tours until he started touring with Eric Church. He was told it was inappropriate until he went on the Blood, Sweat, and Beers tour. He proceeded to tell us that he felt like it was okay to sing it in our presence and then asked, “Do I have any hillbillies from Boise tonight in here?! Do I have any rednecks from Boise in here tonight?”

As would be expected, the crowd went wild. Applauding their redneck/hillbilly sides. And yes, I was among them. I do believe ‘we’ve all got a hillbilly bone down deep inside, no matter where you’re from you just can’t hide it.”

The other day someone at work said to me, “You like country? I wouldn’t have expected that. You don’t look like a country music person?”

I wasn’t sure how to take that. I am SOOOO a country music person. I have such a hick side.

Some of my redneck things include:

1. The fact that I cannot eat at fancy restaurants. I need chicken strips on the menu period.

2. I love hotdogs! I don’t want to know what’s in them, but if you take me to Maverick to get a hot dog, that’s a perfect date night for me. And I love beef jerky. I should have been the hunting type, I could live on beef jerky and hot dogs I swear.

3. I am not past eating frosting straight out of the jar.

4. No Magic Mike for me…send me to get my car fixed..mechanics are where it’s at. Greasy hands, shirts, and you can fix stuff?!!? Done and done.

5. Boots, jeans, trucks, and Patriotism to obnoxious degrees

6. A twangy country voice? Yes, please! (But I’m not past laughing my butt off at Zach making fun of Justin Moore’s “He Can’t Even Bait a Hook.”)

7. I have an almost religious appreciation for country music. Scratch that, I DO have a religious appreciation for country music.

So I ask today, what is your hillbilly/redneck side?