I was sitting at my desk.. trying to run a long and tedious report and up on my computer pops this e-mail.

” Dear Lord you should see ____’s shoes.”

A while ago it was ” oh dear ———-‘s wearing a tank top.. ”   I wrote back oh cool good for her.. to which I got ” it’s boobs and old lady arms hellfire cover it up.”

Then there is the “someone has the plague. I am going to be pissed if I get that”

or the “——- cut the cheese .. I want to puke what a pig.”

or the ones when someone has been a total $#%^ (you choose the description of your choice)  “Can you believe that?? What a !@#!”  or “Have you seen anything dumber?”

These notes will often times make me laugh out loud. They come from Carma. I will even send them on to my kids to read and see if they find her as funny..

Carma and I have been friends for 22 years so we know the idiots at work and the funny people and the topic of the day. We have inside jokes and  will often send a note with just the initials of the person we are discussing at the time.

Believe me it helps.

It is a small diversion in a pile of stress, a connection to a friend that is always good for a laugh and a topic for me to take home sometimes.

I have other things that help me make it through.

There is a voice message on my phone from my friend Cory.. “It’s me Margaret.” That one makes me laugh. only me.. but still it is funny.

Then the text from Jason ..” hell your stock is at 1.72 I was in Fast Eddy’s and was wondering if I should buy a share of that or a candy bar. Call Me”  I wanted to laugh AND cry over that one.

Then there is the conversation over the cube wall with Yahne

Today it was “Elise are you there? Do you want to hear about this horrible disease you can get from cats?” then he proceeds to tell me this awful thing.. I still want to laugh. Yahne gives me all kinds of informational tidbits. Some of them are useful others just terrify me.

I can’t forget the diversion of Patrick.. He always pushes the envelope and see’s how far he can go before he hits the bottom.. He has unending observations about peoples odd  behavior. He observes our coworkers and states things that everyone else thinks but, dares not to say..

I told Carma something he said the other day and she was laughing so hard at the play we were at that we nearly had to leave the building. I can’t tell it here because it was over the edge.

I get email’s from my kids about work that also make me laugh.

I got this from Sharlee the other day you need to read from the bottom up to get it as well

See…unfortunately she is really funny sometimes. Read from the bottom up.
Huh? Is this a hidden message? How about 1 red party hat/1 flyswatter under a bike with a flat tire?

On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 2:52 PM, ————————– wrote:

1 green rubber ball/1 football in cart with 1 missing wheel.

That was really funny too as she has given me history and stories of the people involved in this. I am sure the staff at Shar’s school laughed out loud at the exchange as well.

I will sometimes tell Todd these things to which he responds ” I guess you had to be there”  This is probably true. you had to be there 26 years sitting on your rear in a box with a computer and a TON of work to do and the worry of a job. and you have to see these people every day and wonder to yourself “are they nuts or am I?” and then you get the fine relief from someone that lets you know someone is in your corner and you are in theirs. I am not going to run around and talk to other people about these subjects. It is just good to know that there is humor and understanding in all these things .. if you have a friend.

A friend that writes “If they don’t like the laughing I hear Summers(a popular funeral home here) is hiring .”

By the way $%^2’s shoes were hideous.   :)