Are you a flirt?

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According to my mom, yes I am!

A while back my mom and I were out shopping and I ran into a guy I sort of knew and started chatting with him for a bit. As we walked away, I mentioned to my mom that I thought he was good-looking. I was about to go into a story relating to that (how Zach was once misidentified as this guy once at a certain place…I’m being very discreet here because I’m not sure it’s appropriate to mention that I find men in my ward attractive…oops! Let the cat out of the bag!)

Before I could even tell the story mom goes, “Oh, I pretty much already knew that. I can tell.” Well this silenced me for a bit as I started to run the conversation over and over again in my head. Later that night I simply asked my mom, “How could you tell I thought that guy was good-looking?” Her response, “You’re a flirt! You always have been.”

This starts a conversation of all the people my mom has thought to have seen me “flirt” with as she calls it, but she claims I’m still appropriate. My old bishop in high school apparently, my boss, my math nerd friends that I associate with for my job, people I’ve worked with in the past, my brother’s friends,and pretty much any male friend I have.

Well, that’s just about every male I associate with…so apparently I flirt with everyone.

I came in the door that night and the first words out of my mouth were, “Zach, do I flirt!”

“Yep! You do. Why?”

“No, I mean do I flirt with other people like __________, _________, and _________?”


“Oh my gosh! Is it obnoxious, inappropriate, or out of line?! Does it bother you?”

“No, it’s not obnoxious, you’re just super bubbly. You like men, Shar. I don’t know what your thing is, but you like men that you can respect for some reason or another and you just are very smiley, nice, and extra bubbly. And no it doesn’t bother me. I flirt, too.”

“Yes, you do flirt, too. That’s true. And it’s not inappropriate or obnoxious, and even am not bothered by that…so I’m okay, right?”

“Yep. You can keep on flirting!”

And hopefully that sums it up for you. I do have a thing for guys. I love my husband fiercely and flirt with him plenty, too. But respectable men are hard to come by, but my husband’s not the only one. When I meet someone I resepect I guess I just show my admiration with smiles, kind words, and bubbly-ness!

What about you, do you flirt?

Do you think it’s bad to flirt?

**Any Mad About You watchers out there? Do you remember the episode where Jamie is getting glasses and the glasses fitting lady is flirting with Paul? It’s hilarious! I need to go watch that now.