12/12/12In order to “celebrate” such a cool day that only comes 12 times in a millennium, I decided to share 12 little known facts about me. I bet some of these things my husband and mom don’t even know (those two pretty much know it all!)

1. I take a bubble bath more days of the week than not. It’s actually a habit and no longer a special occasion. I have mixed feelings about that. 

2. I’ve been Netflixing cheesy ABC Family and Hallmark Christmas love stories all week. They make my heart happy. 

3. I have anxiety about parking/parking lots. I park far away and as fast as I can. I can’t stand going slow and watching out from every direction for people/cars/kids. I  much prefer to park and walk. 

4. I want to move to Arizona…or Florida. Seriously. It’s become serious talk in our house. The older I get, the more I need the sun. 

5. I have a thing with fonts. I am super picky about font with my blog, my email, my letters home to parents, and even on my SMARTboard lessons. I will literally highlight every time I put a new text on my SMARTboard lesson and change the font to a preferred font. At work I had to type up a little thing about college (which ended up not being so little because, good luck getting me to be concise when talking about college. I can’t even be concise when talking about fonts) to put on our college aspirations board. I noticed that the font had been changed to a Comic Sans type font and I just cringed. It really bugged me a lot!

6. I put potato chips on hotdogs and sandwiches. I love the crunch. (I have a texture thing. I LOVE contrasting textures. In fact try this treat  a classmate brought it to our final night of class last week and it was literally one of the best things I’ve ever tasted…it had everything I was looking for texture-wise and taste wise)

7. Hamburgers do nothing for me. The smell of them doesn’t entice me. I never order a burger at a restaurant. I will eat them at home but they’re still not my favorite. I love meatloaf, though.
8. I paint my toenails according to the season. Right now they are a festive red!

9. The only app I use on my SMARTphone is the Pedometer. 

10. My Google reader just got shorter. I unsubcribed to a blog that I’d finally had enough of yesterday and one of my favorite blogs is shutting down. I’m on the lookout for new reads. Or maybe I should do something with the time I’ll save. 

11. I’ve been using the Oil Cleansing Method to wash my face every night. I plan to do a post of my own on it soon. 

12. I’m wearing ankle socks with dress pants today. 

How about you. Can you share 12 little known facts? Or how about 1 or 2 if you can’t manage the whole dozen! :)