I had heard about UNREAL— Candy Unjunked a while back. Candy made without any artificial flavors/products, no corn syrup, no hydrogenated oils. It’s still high calorie candy but it’s a lot better for you. I’m okay with that.

I have been dying to try it. But I’m a lazy-ish person when it comes to driving around to different stores to buy special things, I hadn’t gotten around to picking them up yet.

If I were a person who ate a candy bar a week, it probably would have been more important to me, but I don’t eat candy much anymore. I can’t remember the last time I bought an actual candy bar.

I was in the candy aisle shopping for treats for loved ones and there they were. UNREAL candy right in Target. Yes! I picked up a fake Snickers for me and Peanut Butter Cups for Zach.

Amazing. Santa, take note! I want a bunch of UNREAL candy in my stocking this year!