Wow! This is probably the only DIY post you will ever see on this blog. For one, I don’t do that kind of thing. Secondly, the whole DIY thing actually annoys me to the point that if I see something with those three letters on Pinterest, I won’t pin it.

(By the way, mom, DIY means Do It Yourself, i.e. crafts and such–you’re welcome.)

Christmas card holder-001

This thing I came up with all by myself. After I thought of it with my own little mind…(which I was SO proud of) I saw something similar online. Yet, nothing exactly like this has come up. So I think it might be pretty original.

What you’ll need:

1. A picture frame (size of your choice). I chose an 11 x 13 frame with a 5 x 7 matte inside.

2. A Christmas picture (I used a Christmas card I saved from last year)

3. 1-inch decorative ribbon

4. Crazy Glue

5. Clothespins


1. Put the picture in the frame.

2. Measure your ribbon to the desired length. Cut. Repeat so that you have two equal length ribbons.

3. Apply crazy glue to the back of the frame approx one inch from the bottom and side of the frame on each side.

4. Press ribbon onto the glue (I used a soup can to keep it there until it dries).

5. When it dries, hang it on the wall and attach your cards to the ribbon with clothespins.

**You could decorate the clothespins to make them even fancier. I would like to try this with a larger frame and more ribbons…like four rows. I think that would be super neat.