No, I wasn’t watching Ellen while teaching today. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Or does that make me seem a little irresponsible. If that’s the case then nevermind. That wouldn’t be awesome. Who needs daytime television anyway?

One of my favorite things I do with my student happens during their weekly spelling tests. For just about every spelling word, I ask them a question related to that word. It’s a great idea and I recommend it to every teacher. Not only does it help with the vocabulary aspect of the spelling words, but it also helps me check in with my students and get to know them a little better without really adding anything extra to my plate.

As a result, spelling tests are literally my favorite thing to grade (math journals being a close second).

I’ll get funny things like when I asked “What is your mom an expert at?” For the word expert. and responses like, “Hiding candy from us, disciplining, and staying at home.” Things that just made me laugh while I was grading.

Sometimes I get more serious things at unexpected times. Like when I asked, ‘If you could ask a genie for any one thing, what would it be?” for the word genie and I got this response, “That I could go back to living with my mom.”

Today I laughed so hard. The word was generous and I asked, “Who is someone who you think is generous and why?”

“Ellen. Because her name is Ellen The Generous.”

Seriously. Made my day. It was 6 p.m. I was in my room grading papers all alone.  I threw my head back, laughed out loud, and repeated that for about five minutes by myself.