I was late to work today. This is not totally unusual, but I had a reason today. I was getting ready for work and ABC News stated that at 9.30 Connecticut’s time they would be having a nationwide moment of silence for the children and teachers from Sandy Hook Elementary School.

I stopped and waited and watched the screen as they rang the bell 26 times and posted each of the victim’s pictures on the screen. I actually could not believe how hard I cried. I have listened briefly all week as I get really upset over things and I knew this would probably send me. I pushed it out each time it came in. I prayed for their families and I got mad at the situation but, I pushed it aside. I have that luxury. The families of these people do not.

I stopped for them today. I looked at their children and mothers and wives and friends pictures and I prayed for them- All of them. I can’t for the life of me begin to understand the grief of this. I know some of what they have lost though. I know this because I know children.. They are the best people that God has ever put on this earth. They are sweet, happy, innocent and kind beyond measure. The smallest thing brings them such a sense of awe. These children were probably getting ready for Santa Claus to come and were probably out of their minds with glee over the whole prospect of this magical time of year. Their parents were probably out of their mind with glee over this as well. They probably had the weekend planned, Christmas planned, their babies college somewhat planned and the prospect of who they would someday marry planned.

I also know some of what the families of the teachers and the principal’s families lost as well. The mother’s of those teachers will never pick up a phone to a funny story about their daughter’s class, will never receive the news of a new baby coming, a plan for continuing their education or a trip to a mall. They will never to get to hug their daughter good bye, say I love you, argue, tease or ask what do you think of this dress? The Principal and the Psychologists have parents and children who lost their mother in one blank moment. They lost the one person on this earth who has loved them from the beginning of their time. The shared history, the chance for the future visits to grandma’s house or Aunt ____ is so funny(crazy,strange) moments. They have lost so much more than we can imagine.
I feel heartsick for them. I-like Shar know where their family members went, who was waiting for them and what a better place it is than here. However those left behind are not in a better place, life is changed dramatically forever. They have a hole that will never be filled until the day they meet again.

This brings me to my gratitude again. I am grateful to know that God loves us. He especially loves children. All of us are his children. He has created a plan for us. Sometimes the trials in it are horrible. This one is horrific. He will wait for us. He will carry us. He loved us and sent his son for us.
Jesus came and taught us of his love for us. He sacrificed his very life for us. We will have eternal life because of him.


Today I will thank my Father in Heaven for his love and pray for his comfort to all those that are in desperate need of it. I will still pray and I WILL stop to think of them even if it makes me sad and I wish hope and love from all over the universe for them today. Thank goodness for the blessed gift that came at Christmas .