If I had the money to pay someone to do ____________________ for me, I would.

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Truly, the possibilities are endless if I’m imagining myself as independently wealthy. Employing others to do my dirty work for me. (There are people who really will run errands for a living. I came across yet another article on it the other day and I think it’s brilliant but it’s defiintely not a job I’d ever want)

I’m narrowing it to the ten things I’d prefer to have done for me:

1. Running errands (renewing vehicle registrations, turning in paperwork, picking up supplies at various locations, etc.)

2. Fill my car up with gas. Yes, I dislike it that much–especially in the winter.

3. Hang my laundry. I will wash and fold all day long but if I could pay someone to put it on a hanger and hang it in the closet I would.

4. CLEAN MY NEW FLOORS! My new least favorite chore. They never look clean. Words cannot express how I loath cleaning the floor now.

5. Clean mirrors and windows

6. Grade all papers for my job after taking an extensive training in how I grade so that the outcome is no different.

Organizing overwhelms me so…

7. Organize my garage with a system that will last

8. Organize my classroom with a system that will last

9. Organize my pantry with a system that will last

10. Organize my closets with systems that will last

What about you? If YOU could pay someone to do something…what would that something be?