We were blessed with Zach having a lot of time off over the holidays due to a new schedule at work. The new schedule is far from ideal for us, but it sure works out nicely when our time off coincides! We loved it.

Please forgive the horrible phone photos…

New Year’s Eve: Jan 2013

1. Matinee to Les Miserables (OH MY GOODNESS GOOD!! It was so good. Zach was far more familiar with the story than I was and therefore was a little more excited than me to go to it, but I fell in love immediately. I probably could have sat and cried after it was over for 20 minutes. Not just because of sadness, but also because it was that good.) 2. Shane and Kylie spent the evening with us, Kylie has never seen RENT before so we doubled up on musicals that night and watched it while devouring our last sinful food of the year, Panda. 3. Lots of drinking sparkling cider and then water for me. 4. Lots of loving on my husband. 5. Until we went to play games :) We played Hand and Foot until well after the new year 6. Lots more loving on my husband once the games came to a close.

The last two years we’ve spent New Year’s Eve playing games with one of our siblings and I think we quite like it.

New Year’s Day

Jan 20131We slept in and then headed out for our horse drawn sleigh ride up in the snowy (read COLD) mountains. I managed to stay warm throughout the ride, by a miracle. We had a great time, it was beautiful up there…a perfectly sunny and snowy day. We came back, had some hot cocoa, went out for dinner (because actually the resolutions don’t stat until the 2nd, not sure if you knew that or not:), and then back home to cuddle up with a movie.

The year is off to a fantastic start!