Oh boy am I excited about today’s Answer This!

I’m participating in my first social churchish thing in quite a while. I just am not so big on the social thing with the church. I honestly don’t feel bad about it either, it’s just not me.

But after much encouragement from a friend of mine from church (and my husband) I have decided to participate in this week’s activity. Tonight actually.

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We’re speed friending. It’s speed dating except we’re just making friends. It’s a Relief Society thing which means it’s only ladies. We are instructed to bring a brown paper sack (lunch sack) with a picture of us as a teen taped to the outside and 3 things that tell about us on the inside.

My question for you:

What three things would be in your bag?

**Update!!** I’m still new to the link up thing and it’s not working. (I swear, how I am even blogging on self-hosted WordPress is beyond me sometimes with my lack of skill!)

Anyway, I’d still love to hear. You can share your answer below,  or post it and put the link in your comment.

My answer will be posted tomorrow. Stay tuned!