(As per yesterday’s Answer This post)

Thing 1


A picture of my 2 favorite things.

Thing 2


A cookbook I bought through a blog that I read. Thus combining three of my favorite things: blogging, recipe finding, and food!

Thing 3



Math work from one of my many math classes.

I asked my students what the third thing I should put into the bag was. They had all kinds of ideas: a Netflix envelope, hot chocolate, high heels, and a book. They’ve got me pretty figured out. The two things they mentioned that were my favorites though were: a picture of them and a math equation! :)

I had wanted to include something about teaching and this actually covers my teaching side and my learning side.

I shouldn’t have included the picture because we actually all sat around in a circle and got someone else’s bag and showed the items and then we had to guess who’s it was…so the picture didn’t get shown. It was neat to learn about everyone (though I do have a post on how/why attending these things always leaves me feeling inadequate coming up. I hope you’ll find it as funny as my mom did!)

And worrying whether or not someone would like me? I decided not to be so self-absorbed (imagine that!) I decided instead to focus on getting to really know some people who I attend church with. I started looking at it as an opportunity to befriend someone else instead of as an opportunity for someone else to befriend me. Made a world of difference I tell ya!

I had a pretty good time!

I still haven’t heard what your three things would be?!!?