I first heard of alphabet dating when I first entered the blogging world a loooong time ago. I heard about it here.

I loved the idea and Zach and I started dating “alphabet style” with the letter A. And then we never progressed from there.

The next year we tried again. This time was in charge. Again, we didn’t make it past the letter A.

This year, we’re going to do it…because I’m going to share it with you guys on here! And I’m going to invite you to join me and share your alphabet dating stories.

alphatbet dating

How it works:

1. You and your significant other decide who starts

2. That person plans a creative date entirely around the letter “A”

***Update***I could have been a little more clear on this part I think. I’ve had a few questions about what it means to plan a date entirely around the letter “A.” Makes sense. I guess I didn’t put ideas out there because I wanted it to be up to interpretation and the couple could do “A” however they wanted. Here are a few ideas I’ve had while brainstorming our first alphabet date of the year:

All things “A”–dinner/dessert revolving around A…Fettucine Alfredo for dinner…Angel Food Cake for dessert and the rest of the evening Arts and Crafts (go to a ceramic studio and paint/glaze a ceramic piece together), draw pictures together or of each other or play with play dough) or another outing that starts with A.

Another way to do it would be to create a theme for the evening that starts with the letter “A” some examples I’m thinking of are:

Adventure–plan an adventurous date…experiment with something new…maybe even a little scary for dinner, go hiking, white water rafting (if you choose to start alphabet dating in the summer, that is), indoor rock climbing, or skiing. Adventure would be trying something you’ve never tried before together.

Asian–cook or dine out at an Asian restaurant, maybe watch a foreign film or try taking a martial arts class together.

3. Two week’s later the other person plans a creative date entirely around the letter “B”

4. Repeat, alternating date administrator roles :)

5. We will begin with the letter “A” the week of January 13th. Post sometime the following week about your date and link up to my “A” post and share.

The great thing about this is the creativity. Do you have kids? Guess what? You can include them! No money? Stay home and get creative! If you need ideas, email me and we’ll talk. I may not have a lot of talents but I can be pretty creative and I think this will be a lot of fun.

Who’s in?

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