I was working yesterday when I received a call from Cara (my sister for those of you who don’t know) and she was telling me about her day and then she said something about the boy’s program in the afternoon. I flipped out a little as I had forgotten about it. I meant to put it on my calendar so I could work my schedule around it and go to it. She assured me it was ok and that they would be having another one later on so I had decided(not happily) that I wouldn’t go this time. I had taken Monday off and I was trying to get my ad done and blah, blah,blah. This was around 12.30 and their program was at 2.30 and around 1.15 I decided I was going anyway. I told Kathy I would be taking a pretty long lunch and I left at 1.45 to go to it. What an excellent decision!!

When I walked into the crowded gymnasium and found my way to the row where Cara was sitting I looked directly up and there were those two bright smiling faces looking back at me..

Gunnar Grayson School program 3

Big smiles-like they were truly happy I had come! I was too!

Gunnar Grayon school program 2

I would highly recommend attendance at one of these events even if you have no children, grandchildren or nephews. There is nothing better for a break. We got to hear them sing several songs, perform a few dances and a band performance with rain sticks and drums. The music for the square dance calling was the same music from when I was in grade school. It is ancient music with a timeless tradition. This stuff takes you back for a minute.

There is nothing better than children. NOTHING on this earth. They are happy and full of life and they still love doing things that make other people happy. People were tapping their feet and clapping their hands and singing along with them. This is not what we normally do during everyday life. We should do this but, we don’t. It would be frowned upon in most work places so it is understandable and yet a long lunch hour at an elementary school program might really help solve some very complex problems.

The program ended with lots of people hugging children and children getting to leave early and go home with their parents.

This also happened to be Gatlin and Ava’s birthday so on my drive over I called and left a birthday song for each of them on their phone at home. This song would in no way rival the ones I heard at the program but, Cara told me after Ava heard hers she said “I yuv her”..

I YUV Ava and Gatlin Too!Blair Kids project


I YUVVED my break !!!