Today’s “Answer This” is all about


I’ve been basing my “Answer This” posts lately on my social life. I have a Pinterest party on Friday. This means I’ve been scouring the site a bit more than usual.

Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I hate it. Most days I teeter somewhere in between.

If you feel so inclined, answer a few questions for me about your Pinterest boards…and include an address to your Pinterest site so we can follow along.

Which of your boards has the most pins?

My Fooooood board for sure (733 pins!)

The least?

My newest board (Believing in Something Blog Posts) with only 1 pin. I started putting myself out there in the Pinterest world.

Close behind with only 3 pins is my “A Salad a Day Challenge” board. I planned to take Angie’s (from Oh She Glows) salad a day challenge in June. But I failed. Miserably.

Which board do you refer to the most?

Food. Definitely. Pinterest is not a waste of time for me and I feel good about the time I spend there because I truly cook/bake off of Pinterest at LEAST twice a week. LOVE it!

Which board/what kinds of pins cause you anxiety (there’s no denying that Pinterest does deal out a healthy dose of anxiety from time to time)?

Oh my goodness. First and foremost my preparedness board. That thing causes me great deals of anxiety. I get so overwhelmed with emergency lists, fire starter tools, food storage tips/tricks, etc.

I also get a decent amount of anxiety over the home decor. Things look so good and it’s just so much pressure sometimes.

What’s your Pinterest address?

Answer my questions and then head over to visit me on Pinterest!