alphabet date AWe had our first alphabet date and I think we’re off to a pretty good start. First we started off with a trip to the…



Boise got an aquarium about a year ago and we haven’t made it there yet. The thought has occurred to me but I think when it comes down to it, we always settle for what we’re comfortable with: dinner and a movie. I think alphabet dating will suit us well and push us to do some new fun things together. To explore new places and go on exciting adventures.

We had a lot of fun. The layout of the place isn’t even close to ideal, but we still got to see some really neat things. There are a few exhibits that are “touch” exhibits like the shark/sting ray tank where you can actually touch the sea creatures. I loved it.

I enjoyed getting a good look at sea horses and the octopus (he moved just for me, I swear). I loved looking at all the little things and it was fun trying to search for the chameleons in their cages, too.


After the aquarium we were off to an adventurous dinner via Asian Cuisine.

Okay, so here’s the deal. I wanted Asian food but I also wanted to be adventurous. We eat out for Chinese food quite a bit, we both love it, so I wanted to try something new for both of us.

I decided on Tepanyaki a Japanese steakhouse in Boise. It looks a little dive-ish on the outside, but it was an amazing meal.


We chose a deluxe two-person meal and got two appetizers, fried rice, vegetables, shrimp, chicken, and steak (my personal favorite). It was more like four meals instead of two. We both took a ton home with us. Of course, having it cooked right in front of you was the most fun.

I originally wanted to stop and play air hockey on the way home, but asked Zach if he wouldn’t mind a rain check. I wanted to put on my pj’s and curl up with him and a Red Box movie on the couch. And that we did. It didn’t start with “A” (although we watched Pitch Perfect about an a cappella singing group) but it was the perfect end to our first alphabet date.

We’ll be going on our “B” date week of February 1st. Join us if you’d like! And let us know how it goes. Zach’s planning and says he already has something in mind. I’m just excited to get beyond “A.”

I’ve already got a GREAT plan for “C” in mind and cannot wait. I’m so excited that we decided to do this. I hope you’ll join us in the fun!

I figured at the end of every post I’d start a brainstorming session for the next letter…feel free to join in and share your creative ideas:

“B” Date Ideas:


bacon, burgers, burritos, bon bons, bagels, bananas, breads,beer (if you’re not drinkers, like us…root beer or apple beer would be fun), or beans (you could try some cool dessert recipes made from beans or something)


Baja Fresh, Los Betos, Baskin Robins, or Boise Fry Company (if you live in Boise…and anything that starts with Boise for that matter)


bowling, books, bar (again, for us non-drinkers you could revise the idea), baking, or a bubble gum blowing contest, Boise (if you live in Boise or near Boise or another city that starts with “B’ you could be tourists of that particular town, or you could have a ” ‘B’ Date” kind of like a “B movie” that could actually be really fun to plan.

Any other ideas?

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