Who makes you laugh the hardest?

Lucky for me I have a lot of people in my life who make me laugh. My grandma and grandpa used to make me die laughing, both in totally different ways. My mom and aunt are hilarious. My dad makes me laugh without trying. My husband makes me laugh every day. (True dat, Zach. True dat!) (Can’t believe I just posted that on my blog. That’s the reason it’s a joke in the first place). I have funny friends. My mom has funny friends, they usually make me laugh more than my own friends do.

The person who makes me laugh the most, though, is my brother. Oh my goodness, there is nobody on this earth who can make me laugh like he can. If you were to see how hard I laugh at him and what I’m laughing at, I would truly lose all credibility.

Here he is, always having my back. Sort of. Someone said something negative about me that had changed since I started teaching. Shane jumped in right away, 'Not so! She's always been _____" It wasn't exactly a compliment but at least he knows me!

Here he is, always having my back. Sort of. Someone said something negative about me that had changed since I started teaching. Shane jumped in right away, ‘Not so! She’s always been _____” It wasn’t exactly a compliment but at least he knows me!

There are some things my brother has done or said that if you were to say them to me I would stare blankly at you and probably pass judgement. My brother says them and I’m falling out of my chair. It’s unreal.

(Two weeks ago, we were sitting around the kitchen table and Shane said something so…WRONG…and I couldn’t even breathe I was laughing so hard. It was instantaneous, too, I sometimes surprise myself. Meanwhile, mom sat, staring blankly, letting us know she disapproved of the joke. Staring with disapproval is normally my family job, until my brother tells a joke.)

He’s hilarious but we also have this bond. And there’s a side of me that only comes out for him. A side Zach never saw from me we were already married. A side I didn’t even know I had until he was gone for two years and a part of me hid in the shadows.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when my brother came back from his mission and I laughed with him for the first time, something broke free inside of me. It felt SO good. I had missed it more than I had even known. It was worth dozens of therapy sessions.

I think what I love most about laughing with Shane is that he laughs at himself and he laughs harder and differently when I’m laughing with him. We just have this thing.

We make fun of people. Usually those people are my mom and dad and it’s the funniest thing on earth. Sometimes those people are innocent/not-so-innocent bystanders and we’re probably going to hell for it. We share inside jokes.

On New Year’s Eve when Shane and Kylie were over playing games, Shane and I were on the same team and we had a few funny exchanges:

*First of all, we were winning and Zach was loosing and therefore pouting. Zach and I are competitive, but we’re different. I get mad and vocal. (Like for real mad, I will stop being your friend, but it only lasts until a few minutes after the game is over/I start winning again). Zach pouts. He gets quiet, he won’t talk, won’t joke, won’t eat a brownie. Seriously. So we’re winning and Zach’s pouting and Shane and I thought it was hilarious so we started laughing at Zach. Then Zach says, “That’s fine, you just remember this later.” It got all quiet/slightly tense in the room, Shane and I looked at each other and started trying to suppress laughs that ended up coming out really loud and that made us laugh even more.

*Later in the night Shane and I start yelling, “Wagon Toe!” (Wagon’s Hoe, but we say it fast so it sounds like one of those people who say their “T” sounds annoying). We’ve literally done that for at least 15 years, but I think that was the first time Zach and Kylie were privileged to witness us yell “Wagon Toe!” back and forth. Shane would yell it, I would yell it, Shane would yell it, we’d both start laughing. Zach then said, ‘I don’t get it.” Which made us laugh even more.

*At one point in the evening Zach, still pouting of course, said, “You two are acting like drunks.” Shane and I promptly gave each other high fives, sang, “We’re a pork and ham, doing the best we can..do-do-do-do-do-do-do-doooo!” and laughed, then said we’d be awesome drunks if we were drinkers and laughed some more.

My brother is my good friend who knows me like nobody else. We have an incredible history together and that’s why the laughter we share is a healing (and destructive–remember it’s sending us straight to hell) laughter…I’m so grateful for it.

How about you? Who makes you laugh the hardest?