With yesterday’s heavy post topic and today being the blessed last day of January, I decided to link up to Bonnie’s blog and participate in a little 5 fun facts…which I realize is a little ridiculous considering I just posted 11 randoms about me earlier this week.

I won’t lie, I was hoping for a few more visitors this way, so I caved and participated in something light-hearted and fun.

Big Brother-Howie

Five Facts…

1. I used to watch Big Brother religiously with my aunt Cara, most often curled up in her bed while eating Schwans mint ice cream bars (hence the prompt for the picture above). Those are some of my best memories ever. I miss those days.

2. I hate bananas.

3. Our (Zach and my) first fight ever was over a card game.

4. We’ve seriously been considering getting another dog (darn my brother and his new puppy with many little sisters/brothers) and it’s been given more consideration than any other decision we’ve made as a couple…including our “get out of debt plan.” “buy a vehicle plan” “take a vacation” “accept a job” “apply for a new job” “start a family” This puppy business is serious stuff. This might require a post all its own, but man it’s been a tough decision. For now, we’re a one dog family.

5. If I’m in a rough mood, I do lots of things to make my day a little brighter. One of those things is putting water, chocolate milk (almond), or sparkling cider in a fancy glass and drinking it while taking a bubble bath. I feel fancy.