This was Zach’s first alphabet date for this year and I will say…he had some pretty good ideas. Unfortunately, our date had to be rearranged a bit due to a weird work schedule/unplanned schedule change this week. We still ended up having a really good time. alphabet date B

First we headed out to dinner at Boise Fry Company (there’s a story about that place that’s been sitting in my drafts for ages, let’s just say: we had been wanting to go there for a while so Zach finally made it happen).


*Super friendly staff! Probably my favorite part.

*As a sauce lover, I loved that they had such a wide variety of sauces, along with suggestions from customers posted on sauce combinations. That’s my kind of thing.

*We normally don’t get soda when we go out, but we had to try this. It was soda made with half the sugar and honey..we had Root Beer. It was milder than normal but I actually liked it quite a bit.


*They really only had burgers to order aside from the fries. I’m not a big burger person to start with. I much prefer a burger I make at home to one out any day. I actually like the taste of ground beef and don’t need my burger filled with seasonings and such. It was too much. I took more than half of it home to Mal.

*The fries were okay. A tad on the greasy side and they had only limited options for what you could order…which was strange to me on a Saturday night. We liked our fries but I prefer the ones I make in the oven at home more.

Verdict? It was a fun experience…one time. We probably won’t make a huge effort to go back, but we enjoyed it.

(Sidenote: As part of my New Year’s resolution, I’m holding myself accountable. I am forcing myself to be in a picture every time we go on a date. This isn’t to show myself off to you…or even for the blog itself…it’s to hold me accountable. When I’m feeling bad about myself I shy away from pictures which is a weird way to keep myself from being accountable. I am forcing myself to be accountable and be in the moment. It’s a way to help me feel beautiful no matter what…because I got dressed up, I am out having a good time with my wonderful husband, and I need to start focusing on the good. I’m not fully there yet, in fact, this night was a bad one for me in that regard, but I’m hoping to make progress. It’s also a way to make sure we record memories. So many times I conveniently forget my camera because I don’t feel like I should be in a picture and then we have no pictures of the fun we had. At the same time, I don’t want it to be all about the pictures, either, so we’ll stick with minimal photos).

Next we went to Hastings to browse through books. We either take the book we’re currently reading or one that we picked up and sit on the couch and read together for a while. We did that for a bit and then went to check out movies.

Zach even had that part figured out, which impressed me very much and brought a smile to my face. We were going to go home and watch movies:

Best place ever!”

When Zach and I cuddle on the couch or on our bed together one of us will say to the other, “Best place ever!” It’s one of our things and I thought it was cute that he brought it into our date. We came home and curled up in comfy clothes and watched a movie.

011I’m so enjoying these alphabet dates and I’m so happy and grateful for a husband who is willing to participate, plan, and really take part in them. It’s been so fun. Last night we were in the car and he was like “Who has ‘P’?” And trying to figure out what letters he had because he was coming up with ideas.

I have “C” coming up and I am SUPER excited about what I’ve got planned. It’s perfect, we’ll be celebrating our Valentine’s day a little late with our “C” date and it’s perfect.

Here are some “C” date ideas if you are interesting in joining us:


chips and salsa, chocolate, chips/dip, fish/chips, clams, caprese salad, chicken of any kind, Chinese food, chili, coffee, candy, Ceasar salad, crepes, cherries


Chilis, Chipotle, Cafe Rio, Cafe Ole, coffee house, Cold Stone, Little Ceasar’s pizza, Chapalas


Chucky Cheese (especially if you have little ones), city life (visit the city nearest you or even your current city and tour it like you’re there for the first time), cruise (in the car or a real one…even just a dinner/lunch cruise if you live somewhere where that is doable), a date around things that are “cool,” creatures (a trip to the aquarium, zoo, or a wildlife refuge), “cram” do a lot of things in a short amount of time for fun, cents (try doing things for every thing–dinner, dessert, activity that cost less than $1.00), contests (bubble gum blowing contests, shooting contests, minute to win it contests just the two of you…create a scorecard and see who wins. Have a prize for the winner pre-determined)

Share your ideas in the comments or join along.

***I’ll give you one hint about our date: I am going to be planning a #ClubSexy of my own (it’s going to be a fairly affordable “at home” date and I can’t wait)…at the influence of Kaitlyn from Wifessionals.