I don’t even know what I want this year. I am just looking forward to our “C” date/late Valentine’s day celebration more than anything…and just a long three-day weekend with Zach. I can’t wait!

I am not big on romantic gifts for Valentine’s day necessarily, but I am a lover of romantic pretty things…so I thought I’d add a few things that have caught my eye and share them with you.

Since our Valentine’s day celebration is going to be “ClubSexy Style” at home, I would love to spend the evening wearing something like this

But I don’t think if I were a millionaire I could even justify the $1500 price tag. Can we find something similar at Ross?

And then pair it with these lovelies?

Original source not found..{Pin}

And for jewelry

I’ve had my eye on this necklace for a while now…it’s so…pretty

Is this ring ME or what?!!?

Someday I want to replace my wedding ring (I know. Horrible.) with a diamond-less (stone-less) ring. They’ve really grown on me. I usually say I want one that matches Zach’s until I see ones like this



And then there’s the lacy stuff. Every girl likes that stuff, right? But I’m not putting pictures like that on here today. Maybe I’ll get there someday.

And yes, I would totally wear any of this Union 28 Marriage Apparel stuff…


And of course, who wouldn’t want a KitchenAid mixer?!! Don’t forget to enter the Giveaway!! If you are already a subscriber to this blog or you follow me on Pinterest, you already have two entries. Enter! And check out the lovely other blogs while you’re at it!

What’s on your list?

And no. I have NO idea what Zach’s getting. I have been so busy planning our weekend that I haven’t thought about it. I’ll be getting right on there. Any ideas for a nerdy, tech-y, easy-going, “I don’t need anything” guy?

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