What are you most proud of?

This question was asked during my speed friending church activity a while back. It was pretty thought-provoking.last day on balcony

I have a few things I’m pretty proud of. Well, quite a few if you include the little things. Some of the things that I am the most proud of are: the family I come from, the family I married into, my college degree, my college experience (something entirely different), my college weight loss, my standards, my classroom environment, my career goals and where I’m at on my way to achieving them, my testimony, and the fact that I literally made myself like tomatoes and it worked!

But when it comes down to it, the thing that I am most proud of is my marriage. That was my answer. When all is said and done, it is the constant in my life and fills my heart.

I know that even in the midst of a troubled marriage, a person can find happiness. But because of my marriage, I don’t have to search far. I’m not necessarily proud of choosing Zach, because really it just happened and lots of times I feel like we just lucked out. We met, we knew, the end.

However, what we’ve done together to make our house a home…IS something I am proud of. I’m proud of the fact that we do things for each other to serve and help one another.I’m grateful we’ve learned how to fight and forgive one another.  I’m grateful that even though we have had schedules that, quite frankly, suck our entire marriage, we manage to make time for each other. I’m proud of the peace in my heart and my home that my marriage has helped me cultivate. I’m proud of the fact that I am learning from my marriage all the time.

Now I’d love to hear..what are you most proud of? Include your little things in there, too! It’s always hard to choose just one thing!

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