The phrase above is something Shar and I would say to each other right after she learned to talk. We would say it at bedtime and when I would drop her off at my mom’s in the mornings on my way to work. All wrapped up in her blanket on the couch. ” Love You With all my Heart and MORE.”  We then carried this through later when her brother came along.
What a true statement. I can honestly say that my children have truly given me the opportunity to love someone with all my heart and more.  They were to me more than  a dream come true.  I never dreamed of the loving part of having children. When I was younger I played dolls and house with my friends and then as I got older I babysat and played with kids. I was always planning to take care of my children.( Which now that I look back was a total indication of my complete character) but, I never thought about the love part.  It was an indescribable gift from God.
With my two children I fell crazy in love with them. Which for me is actually kind of odd. I am not a touchy, feely, lovey kind of person and yet I was unashamed of how freaking much I loved them both. I still do.

They have brought so much depth and life to my soul. Sharlee has always been the moral compass for me. I truly mean this. From the time she was very little she had a way of knowing whether something I did was actually ok or not. I tell you to this day I will weigh what her thoughts would be on something before I make a decision. It has made me a better person by being her mom. I basically created my own personal little friend in her. I took her everywhere, talked to her all the time, played with her, rocked her, sang the theme song to Cheers with her on the way home from my mom;s house every night after work. Tried to figure out an end to her tantrums, teach her not to tell EVERYTHING to her grandmas. I watched her take her first steps, ride a bike, act in the school play, march in  parades, pick the right guy, take him to the temple and on and on. I have fiercely loved her, fought with her, laughed and cried  and just sat in the movies with her. Her unfolding life has given me unmeasured joy.

Then there is Shane. Oh is there ever Shane? He has been one very big adventure from the very start. He didn’t sleep completely through the night until he was nearly two years old. He drove the car when he was two, climbed out a window when he was two, ran down the street with the phone so the babysitter couldn’t call to tell on him-also when he was TWO.. I am surprised I lived past his two.

Reading on couch

On the flip side, Sharlee thought she ordered him and he came because she wanted a brother. He belonged to her as much as he did to me. He would eat only  the foods she liked, if he was told to do something he would say “come on Shar’. They were a pair. He learned to walk at 9 months and seriously went off on a run from there.  He brought basketballs and footballs and laughter of no other kind on earth to us. He gave us 3 on 3,  Optimist Football, Meridian High School Basketball, tons of boys in our house, laughter, joking having a missionary in Brazil, a sweet daughter in-law, daily phone calls to check in, trips to the temple,BSU, Utah Jazz, and Dallas Cowboys and how could I forget ESPN?  He is a lifelong friend, with a lot of opinion and a large heart. I love to see his life unfold and hope for his wildest dreams to come true.
Next is Zach. Oh how lucky am I to get him for a son in-law? He is just a good guy. He takes care of my daughter and treats her very well. He treats us like his own family. I  love him like I picked him as my own.  He was invited to my dad’s 75th birthday party by Shar. I knew then that he was something pretty special because Shar would never bring someone to a family party that she didn’t feel was ok to be there. This is how she was. He sat by my mother that night and they talked about North Carolina and Georgia, They were both southerners. She liked him. Shar was pleased with that. I am glad Shar found him special enough to bring him so my mom could also approve of him. Which she did. He has come to family gatherings, trips with us to Utah and swimming with me in Bear Lake while Shar tanned. He is up for anything and is ok with any plan and how it goes down. I am learning to play games with him… I can truly say I love him.


Kylie..  What do I say about Kylie?.. She loves Shane.. She knows him very well and Loves him! I knew she was something pretty great from the first conversation I had here in our house with her. She was telling me about her love of animals and I truly saw a goodness in her that was bright  right away. She is quiet and kind and fun. She likes Shar and that means a lot to both of us. Sharlee noted the other night after we watched Bachelor .. “Kylie likes me even if I am rude.”  I laughed at this just a little. I have been given the gift of a daughter in law that does hang out with us, who was very kind to my dad and is kind to Gordon, teaches primary with Shane and has brought our family to the temple again. I love that she loves Shane and that she is someone I would have chosen if I had been doing the choosing. I love her.


28 years ago I had a 5 month old Valentines gift that has just kept on giving and now I have accumulated 3 more. All 4 of them have basically helped me come home .

Sometimes you want to go

Where everybody knows your name,
and they’re always glad you came.
You wanna be where you can see,
our troubles are all the same
You wanna be where everybody knows
Your name.



Love  Ur mum