alphabet date c

It was my turn in our alphabet dating rotation. It was also our delayed Valentine’s day celebration. I pulled out all the stops to put together a #ClubSexy for our special day. I had been looking forward to this date for weeks (quite literally). I had been brainstorming ideas for a while and I was so looking forward to executing such a romantic night at home.

Part 1

Candelight dinner, chicken salad, and conversation…

First I had to set the stage. I sent Zach to the guest bedroom/bathroom to get ready. I gave him a time to expect me to come and get him. It was funny watching him gather all of his clothes, body wash, deodorant, etc…and walk to the other room. I maybe even laughed. It was kind of fun to have him get ready somewhere else. I used to LOVE getting ready for dates and have someone pick me up. I hated a lot about dating (in my single days) but I LOVED getting ready for a date. Once you’re married, you get ready in the same room. It never even occurred to me to have us get ready separately. Thanks, Kaitlyn! :)

While Zach got ready, so did I.I made Zach dress in his “Sunday best” I also got ready in my favorite black dress and some new heels (thanks, mom!) I also got everything else ready. I set the table with our China, used real napkins, and put it all together to make the table look like nice, lit some candles, and put dinner together. (Dinner was a snap to put together. I made this salad and I had the chicken cooking in the crockpot all day. It literally took me ten minutes to assemble the salads. I recommend picking an easy dinner for something like this).




My skin is totally breaking out right now…so I didn’t include the picture with me in color. I’ll spare you. Also, yes, Zach’s hair is totally resembling Lyle Lovett these days. He’s going through a “I want to grow my hair out” phase. I should do a post on this in and of itself. He has so much hair. It’s insane. He still looks handsome, though. I love him in a shirt and tie!

I went and grabbed Zach. It was fun…He really loved how I looked and it was a nice change of pace to have him the end result without seeing the all the fuss that got me from point A (no makeup in sweats…I had just come home from the Penguin Plunge) to point B. We joined each other for a romantic dinner and conversation.We first exchanged gifts before we started talking and eating.  In hindsight, I wish I would have created some conversation cards, but I started the conversation with “What was your favorite cereal as a kid?” And our conversation took off from there.CAM00032



Part Two

I sent Zach away to play with his Valentine’s gift (new phone) while I got the second part of our date set up.

We were having a cider and chocolate tasting.

The cider tasting was all me. I thought “c” cider..and then decided we should do a tasting. I thought it would be fun. A little background. Mom bought me a small bar to keep in my kitchen before I ever got married. I love sparkling cider. Fortunately, Zach does, too. So we always make sure to keep our little wine rack portion of the bar filled with a variety of types of cider.


I am a sparkling white grape girl. That’s my favorite. Zach is a sparkling apple/cranberry guy. So those are generally the kinds of cider we buy…well that and if anyone gives us some as a gift. (There is original apple and some sparkling lemonade in this selection shown here as well)

I went out and bought a few different types of cider and covered the bottles so that Zach couldn’t see the kinds and I couldn’t remember what they were. I numbered them.

I decided on the chocolate tasting after reading about that here.

I did some research online about chocolate and cider (chocolate info found here) and created my own little “grading cards” so that we could rate our chocolate and cider by category.

I went to get Zach again and brought him out. We read the info I linked above on the chocolate tasting. That was more involved. You really take your time with it and we really ended up having a good time with the experience. We did each piece together and went through the whole process. It is actually more involved than I initially realized and we got really into it. By the end of the night we were talking like chocolate snobs as if we knew something about it all of a sudden after conducting our own at home tasting.


By the end of the night we laughed at our table. It was full of wine glasses with four open bottles…we looked like a bunch of lushes. We also had all these chocolate pieces all over. We sure know how to have a good time, just the two of us.

I love (LOVE!!!) having romantic nights at home. See our recap from our last Valentine’s day here. We celebrated at home then, too. I love hosting things whether it’s a get together with a bunch of people or it’s just for Zach, I love putting a special occasion together. It makes me so happy. I’m glad that I have a husband who supports this and even more appreciates it. My efforts did not go unappreciated and I love that he was willing to play along…even when I sent him away to get ready in the other room.

We sure had a good time. So far Alphabet Dating has been just the thing to get us to change up our routine this year.

Two weeks from now it’s our “D” date and Zach’s in charge.

Any ideas? Send them his way.

I’ll start the brainstorm.

Food: deep-fried, dumplings, diet foods, double cheeseburger, Dijon chicken, deviled ham, deviled eggs, Denver omelet, dark chocolate, dairy

Restaruants: Dives, Deli, Dickeys BBQ, Dominos, Denny’s (hello breakfast date),

Activities: Downtown, dirty something like yard work, picking up trash, cleaning, etc.., dessert (a date sampling different kinds of dessert…or skip dinner and eat a decadent dessert somewhere together), dangerous/daring (do something risky together), darts, or DI (have a budgeted amount of money and see who can come out of the DI with the best ______. Come up with a variety of categories: outfit, totally unuseable, home decor, for the office, gifts for one another, chose a category and a money amount and head to the DI…)