It’s that time of year again.

Time to start placing Girl Scout orders.

Working in an elementary school, I’m sure you can imagine the marketing that takes place. Boy do I get cornered with every fundraiser imaginable.

Actually, it’s not bad. I usually don’t order anything from anyone but Girl Scout cookies and Scentsy are my weaknesses. Usually I tell the students, the first one to get to me gets the sale. The end.

Not sure I’ll be buying my Girl Scout cookies this year…trying to give up dairy and eat a clean(er) diet leaves me thinking I shouldn’t order. But I can still talk to you about them, right?

And so I ask…What is your preferred Girl Scout cookie?




 I am a samoa girl all the way. Samoas and only samoas. (And don’t you dare touch my cookies, Zach, you have your own!) That’s how much I love those darn cookies.

It’s funny because I hate coconut normally, but something about the chewy-ness negates the coconut crunch that I loathe and I just revel in every perfectly balanced crunchy, chewy bite.

Zach was a thin mint guy until I converted him. A fellow coconut hater, he didn’t think the samoas were even worth trying. I forced them on him one night and he didn’t know what hit him. He kept asking for my cookies offering to trade.

“I’ll give you some of my thin mints for your samoas.” Not a fair trade, but love does crazy things. Even for those of us who don’t food share.

And so I gave him plenty of cookies out of my box. And the second box (I never buy just one) that sat in the freezer? Well, of course I didn’t open that until I was good and alone and could devour the entire thing by myself.

I’m pretty selfish when it comes to food.

So…are you with me on the samoas or do you have another favorite?

p.s.While everyone is devouring their $3.00 boxes,  I’m going to try these clean samoas…I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.