What is your least favorite ice breaker/getting to know you type question?



I like to talk and get to know people. I am an open book and pretty much any question you throw my way, I’ll answer, even if I shouldn’t. (Like the time someone asked me point-blank how much we paid for our house or how much money we made..yep, answered. In hindsight I realized I shouldn’t have divulged that and that it was an inappropriate question to be asked but I’m a sharer. Sometimes an “Over Sharer.”

But…there are two types of questions that I hate.

1. I hate any “What is your favorite ______?” questions. Be it food, candy, book, movie, or song, I can never seem to answer that one to my liking. I either chose one and then on the way home I think, “Snickers doesn’t really represent who I am as well as how I like M and Ms in frozen yogurt.” (I told you, I’m a thinker).

2. I hate any “Where do you see yourself in _____ years?” questions. Those kill me. I only just noticed the other day, that in high school and college, I always thought ahead to marriage, kids, and my first year in my career. Did I picture myself teaching in a classroom until I was old and gray? Nope. Did I picture the length of time I’d be when I had kids or how old I was? Nope. Did I have any idea what my life would specifically look like three years after college…or even what I wanted it to look like? Nope.

I never did that and I still don’t. I’m making some choices right now in regards to my work and it’s been hard because when it all comes down to it, I don’t know what I want. I’ve never envisioned where Zach and I would live five years from now or ten years from now. I’ve never thought about where I’d be working or what I’d be doing for work…and so those questions always leave me perplexed. As much as I’m a planner, I’ve kind of let life happen in regards to family and career and it’s worked out better for me than if I had planned it all out…so I intend to keep on letting it happen. Which means, if you ask me where I see myself in ten years, you’ll get a pretty vague answer, “Happy.”

What about you? Which questions do you hate to answer?