scan0001There are only a few readers that would be able to tell me YES! They have seen this boy….   I did not see him at this time in his life but, in 32 years of knowing him – I have several times caught a glimpse of this guy.

It just so happens that it is his birthday today. I want to tell him FIRST!!!!Happy Birthday!!

This is the guy that will Never have enough TOYS, music  or tire of watching  How It’s Made.

He grew up and got married and had kids and in all of that you still look in on him and there he is

still the dreaming, hoping, wanting, looking at you that way person that makes you want to hug him.

He is quite a bit older now and most of the time tougher, but, still that boy.

The play it tough kid who actually has a big heart. He is very hardworking and loves his family a lot. Yep still the same boy.

He’s the pretty quiet, doesn’t laugh a lot, likes his pop and TV and airplanes and guns and you don’t want to make him mad.

..Yep he is still the same boy.

I have been thinking about writing about him today and in looking back into a little of his pictures and stuff his mother had told

me about him- It reinforced my theory even more that children come to the earth the way they are. Their soul is much older and wiser

than we give credit. They are the person they are going to be. It is pretty good that it happens that way.

This shows that we came as the children Heavenly Father loved first.  What a happy Birthday to know that.

What a good day this birthday was. Gordon Todd Larson … 8 pounds 8 ounces. came into the world .. Giving Marty and Gordon

their first son.

He turned out to be my husband, the father of Sharlee and Shane and my eternal soul mate.  He likes to build things, fly things, shoot things and

crush things.. Sometimes the boy doesn’t always grow all the way up.. Good for us!!! So is his birthday his day to celebrate

or ours? I think both.

I actually Love this BOY …