First before I start off .. I want to make a shout out for HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Birthday Carma, Jenniffer and Cara!!!YEAH.

Shar has asked me a couple of times to blog on my trick for house cleaning 101 or in other words-House cleaning in one hour and one minute :)  It usually takes me a little more than an hour one minute. I want you to know that I am not an expert at this nor is my home the epitome of cleanliness, but on the other hand I do love to clean and I have gotten pretty good in the past years at being able to move through it kind of quickly if necessary.  Later on I will give you some of my ideas on the really good kind of cleaning. That is the kind you need to set aside about a 6-8 hour slot of time for. I have been known to take a vacation day to do this type. . It is therapeutic for me. I also have a 20 minute Windex run through you can use in emergency .

I have things lined up today and tomorrow and won’t have time to clean.. I chose to do it quickly yesterday or it wouldn’t have been done so I timed myself.

house cleaning 101

First things first ..hit the door don’t drop your shoes there .. head into the closet.. change into the cleaning clothes. When you  put your others in the hamper .. grab a pile and get them in the washer.. start the load. (1 minute)


Gather in a box bag or just carry the items to clean with. Dawn dish soap mix with peroxide in spray bottle ( there is a mix that Shar gave me to clean with and it works wonders) spray window cleaner, papertowels,cleaning cloths, extra garbage bags for bathrooms and bedrooms etc.  Asletts disinfectant, cleanser, bucket, mop (really like the Libman type with the cloth mop head you can wash in the washer)  Pinesol and bleach. –No I am not a GREEN cleaner.. You can choose your organic items too .They do work really well -I just  LOVE the smell of chemicals.. you can lecture me later..   I start by opening a bunch of windows if it is nice outside and also open some blinds. Let the sun in .. and the light.  (3 minutes)

Begin in the kitchen.. Pick up anything that doesn’t belong there. Place it in a bag or pile to return to the place it belongs, clear counters, put any dishes in dishwasher. take any rugs that are not going to laundry outside shake hard and bring back, Spray all counters, oven, fridge and dishwasher quickly with your choice of disinfectant cleaner, (I use the Dawn Peroxide mix or Aslett,s recently. but lysol or dollar brand works too) grab broom and sweep all floor surface, take paper towels or cloth and wipe all surfaces down very well scrub them fast, then take paper towel and window cleaner spray and wipe all of them. Grab bucket fill with hot water, dishwashing liquid and pine-sol.. mop the floor.. (12 minutes)  

Move to living room put anything there that belongs in other room in pile with the stuff from the kitchen. Straighten magazines.. clear tv stand. stack remotes.     (3 minutes).

Move to bathroom once again spray all surfaces with the dawn peroxide or your disinfectant .. put bleach in toilet,empty trash, put in new trash bag..take anything from this room that doesn’t belong put in bag, sweep floor, scrub down the tub floor and sides really quickly, wipe down sink and counter top, scrub toilet, wipe down all sides and top. Spray mirror and counter with window cleaner wipe down with paper towel. Spray walls of tub shower with disinfectant. Mop. (7 minutes)

Sweep out utility room – by now laundry should be ready for dryer unless it is on heavy load, put load in dryer,empty garbage, mop utility room .. I have to clean litter boxes but if you don’t have those it will save you 5 minutes..  ( 5 minutes)

Have  your children clean their rooms or just run in make the bed and take their laundry out… then shut the door ..( 5 minutes each room)

Head to your bedroom pick up all things in room and stack where they belong, throw things that shouldn’t be there in pile, dump out trash, spray bed linens with linen spray or just shake out and make bed really well, sweep if you have hard floor, if not wait to vacuum, go to master bath and spray all surfaces again with disinfectant cleaner, put bleach in toilet, empty trash, pull up all dirty laundry and put in basket.. Go into closet and line up shoes, pick things off the floor just straighten. Follow instructions for cleaning first bathroom. This one usually take a little longer so the master bedroom and bath take about (10 minutes.)

Mop bedroom or start vacuuming from here. Work your way all the way to the front of the house. Time saving tip-never put the vacuum away without wrapping the cord correctly.. this will save you a lot of time in the next cleanup. Put vacuum away.. put rugs back where they belong. Take pile of items and return them to the correct spot. Take trash out to garage.  Grab a cloth and dusting spray and dust tv stands, end table and coffee tables, if you are just dusting shelves and such you can use a duster instead. This is only for the quick days.  (14 minutes)

The best way to finish your job quickly is to carry the stuff with you and do not make trips back and forth grabbing things and finding things and putting stuff away at every turn. It sidetracks you and you lose time and focus.

Turn on a Scentsy warmer with new fragrance or use candle or Airwick warmers. ..(1 minute)

The rest of your time is yours now or whoever has control of it at that moment!