1. I am super overwhelmed right now. Blog posts on how our society looks on busyness as a good thing but it’s really not are all the rage right now (well that and all the drama about Google Reader shutting down..which I am truly heart broken about. I love my Google Reader!) Bloggers are saying cross it off your “to-do” list if it’s not important. Everything on my to do list is important, though. They are not things I cannot just sweep under a rug…and therefore I am very overwhelmed right now.


2. “Why are you watching Lifetime, don’t you have like a ten-page paper to write?” –My mom when I was in high school/college. This was basically something mom said to me on the regular when I had a lot going on. I’ve finally learned this about myself: When there’s too much going on, I shut down. So as per #1, I’m pretty sure you can guess what’s happening in my house lately. Which brings us to…

3. I have been catching up like mad on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. The snap judger in my calls for me to take a stand on this show. Do I like it or do I love it? Do I agree or disagree with the message it sends? Take a stand, Sharlee! Keep watching if you must, but at least make a freakin’ decision on what you think or feel. Here’s the thing: I don’t know how I feel because I don’t know what the message is. I’m so confused. When Zach’s around while I’m watching he makes me laugh, though.

4. I recently purchased this math game for my class. I use it as a whole class thing and put up one problem a day immersed in their daily assignments. OH MY GOODNESS…amazing math problem. Yes, I am a nerd. I get VERY excited over math problems.

5. I ate four pieces of cinnamon toast  for dinner one night this week.

6. On Thursday morning I stood in front of the mirror and said this to myself, “You look like a teacher and that is not a compliment.” I soothed my broken heart when I realized that I have in fact, at some point in the past five years, transitioned into teacher dress completely by promising myself that I would get 4 new pairs of pants at the end of the summer, 5 new tops, and 2 jacket type things so that I can layer. I’ll be saving.

7. Because of the Google Reader news, I’ve finally joined the rest of the bloggers out there and set up an account with Bloglovin…I’m hoping this is a good thing and maybe I’ll be able to connect with some new people out there this way. Either way, if you follow on Google Reader, go ahead and set up an account. You can find a very helpful tutorial here.

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8. Eight seems a strange number to stop on for a list of any kind, but that’s what’s happening here today.