Last week I shared the ten versions of Sharlee.

I was thinking about those parts of me and how I go through periods of catering to one or two versions of myself and I neglect the others.

Eventually I end up starving for spirituality, or feeling feminine, or time with words and I feel the need to make up the deficit. I also end up feeling like I’ve lost a part of me. I start to worry that I’m not made up of the parts of me I like anymore.

I was walking Mal the other day out in the sunshine and I was just so happy to see the sun. It has been a long winter and I was so happy to see some of the first signs of a change…one that I can’t wait to embrace and I had to ask myself, “Why do you always forget that the sun will come back out?”


And that’s so true for the times when I’ve neglected myself. Why do I forget that I will bring back the healthy me or the spiritual me.

Of course I feel it’s human nature to not want to ever part with certain aspects of ourselves, take spirituality for example. But I also think it’s human nature that it happens. Sometimes we lose touch and we have to reel ourselves in. Everyone’s version of losing touch looks different, but on some level, we all leave parts of ourselves behind for a season.

The challenge is not to panic when you realize you’ve been feeding one version of yourself for too long and depriving yourself of the other parts of you that need to be addressed.

The sun always comes back out and we always find a way to bring those parts of ourselves to the surface again.

It’s tough to remember, but I think it would make it a lot easier and enjoyable if we just realized that “Hey, sometimes the healthy Sharlee needs to take a sabbatical…she’ll be back. In the meantime, Lazy Sharlee will be filling in.”

Do you agree? Do you feel like we feed different parts of ourselves at different times? Do you panic, too? Have you found balance? If so, how?

I’d love to talk about this, feel free to start the conversation.