What is a weird food combination that you love?



Those chocolate covered potato chips look delicious to me. Chocolate covered potato chips are just one of the weird food combinations that I love. Here are some others:

*I not only dip fries in a milkshake (FROSTY!) but I also dip chicken nuggets and have been known to dip a hamburger in there, too

*In high school (when I weighed a whole lot more than I do right now) I used to buy bags of nacho cheese Doritos and eat a chip with a Hershey Kiss (before I discovered the aforementioned chocolate covered chips)

*I put chips on sandwiches and hot dogs

*I like sunflower seeds and apples topped with Raspberry Hazelnut   Vinaigrette dressing (well, I did until I calculated the calories and discovered that this little snack I make for myself pretty regularly contains 1,100 calories!!!)

What about you? Any weird food combinations that you love?