Two Mormons walked into a bar…

And thus began the second half of their Alphabet Date “D.”

alphabet date d

It was Zach’s turn to plan our Alphabet Date this last weekend. We started off with dinner at Dickeys. (Note: I may or may not have hijacked this part of the date. Zach may have had somewhere else in mind and I may have mentioned Dickeys even though I’d never been there. I felt bad afterwards, but Zach said it fit with our date better than his original plan and we both love barbecue so it worked. I won’t do that again, though).


We enjoyed some dinner before heading out for the second part of our date.



I could not believe that Zach actually planned for us to go dancing. Zach does not dance.

I was so excited…he planned for us to go to a country bar with a dance floor. As much as I”m a country music girl, I’ve never been to a country bar…EVER! I went dancing different places in college, but never to a country place. The only time in my life I’ve had real country friends was in high school when I worked at a Western Wear store and I was too young to get into one of those places back then.

I’ve always told Zach that I would LOVE to go to a real honky-tonk someday. It’s one of those things I’m a little obsessed with getting to do someday. Though, our stop at a little bar wasn’t a honky-tonk experience, it was still really fun.


Zach danced some slow songs with me. I attemped a group line dance and completely failed. (I need lots of practice for routines). We danced to one faster song just the two of us. We sat at a table and did a LOT of people watching. We nicknamed some of the people, we laughed, and we smiled in a nice way, too.


We were rather impressed with the caliber of people. The women were not dressed nearly as trashy as in other bars I have been to. Like at all. There were regulars there in attendance and they all dance with each other. The men there asked a variety of wome to dance and they actually danced. It restored a little faith in humanity. It was so fun to watch. And yes, I was a little disappointed that the classy old man in starched Wranglers didn’t ask me to dance when he seriously had a different partner for every song. He never sat down.


Zach says we can maybe even take the free dance lessons they offer during the week.

I’m loving these Alphabet Dates. We get out and do something new every time and it’s so fun! This is probably one of my favorite dates that we have ever been on. I loved it!

Brainstorming for “E” dates:

Food: Eclairs, eggplant, eggs, enchiladas, escargot, empanadas

Activities: educational-centered dates, edifying dates, eagles (Birds of Prey), Easter Egg Hunt, earth (pick up trash, plant trees, etc..), head East, going the “Extra” mile