I write my mom emails fairly regularly. Some days more than others. We communicate more through email than anything else. I thought I’d pick a few that I’ve sent to mom recently and let you have a look into my soul:



Email #1:

Seriously. __________________. She never fails. She probably annoys me because I’m so much like her. 

 We have this “pay and take” box in the teacher’s lounge and it NEVER fails that when I grab a food item out of it, she’s in there and comments.
I have NEVER taken a candy bar or chips. I usually grab a granola bar–one time she said to me, “That’s not any better.”
So today I didn’t have a lunch and since I’m leaving early I figured I could have an apple and a granola bar and be satisfied until I leave.
I go in there and she goes, “That looks like a good lunch.”
“I forgot my lunch.”
“I’m just teasing you, but didn’t they have salad bar in the lunch room?”
“I have an orange if you want one.”
“I have an apple, but thank you.”
Pardon me if an orange or a school salad bar won’t cut it for me for a meal. MY GOSH!
Email #2
I just got a text from _____________________ telling me that his new companion is killing him…he hums during personal study! :) HAHA!!


Email #3

Okay these are adorable and definitely creepy at the same time. Big dogs fascinate me but these are actually very creepy.


Email #4

Well, I was planning to when I thought it was at 6. I am meeting with Jen and Tara tonight for Tara’s birthday.

I’m sorry.I hope you’re not annoyed that I’m not coming to any of them. I want to (sort of) but I seriously would like a schedule in some kind of advanced manner. I can’t handle random days/times and then changing every Thursday morning. 
Email #5–My personal favorite, when my brother gets involved!
Hey, Mom! If I’m putting a thing in the paper about our pop tab collection, what do I call your work now?
Mom: The 31st Division of The Corporation of Grocery Stores (I’m obviously kidding here, but it was some long formal answer like this..)
Me to my brother CC Mom:
Is this so mom or what!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!
Just laughed out loud at this, mom. Sorry, but it made me laugh! I love you.Thanks for responding.

Yes I see that ..

I can’t shorten it because that is what it is…


This is so great!!!!!! I’m surprised she didn’t add, “Nampa Idaho, in Market Place Boulevard

Mom replies all to me and my brother:
Oh my hell !!!

You asked me what they call it That is what they call it… I am not saying the complete word to be dumb…


And if I’d had more time I’m would have tied that little conversation up nice and tight with this bow:

Mom, don’t say hell.

And then I would have laughed at myself.

Yes, some of these messages might not mean so much to you, but these are just a few examples of the many important emails I send everyday.

What do your most important emails (or texts) look like?