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I can’t speak for every women out there but if there’s anyone reading this right now who’s single or who just relishes a good love story, I come here today with you in mind. I can’t tell you how to tell if your own “he” is the one, but I would love to tell you how I knew that my guy was “the one.”

First and foremost, there were absolutely no games. There was flirting, shameless, middle school flirting, but no games.

I had found a place to rest. There was an a peace and there was something recognizable about Zach. I’ve said it many times, I felt like I already knew him. Which is why there was such a comfort level.

2 years

My first and only boyfriend before Zach was someone I knew and had been friends with for eight years before we ever became a “thing.” Yet, when we planned a day at the hot springs with his family and I had to put a bathing suit on in front of him, I became nervous on like sixteen different levels. I thought it was normal to be nervous. With how much more of me he’d be seeing than normal, I was bound to be a little self-conscious. Well, self-conscious yes, but nerves wrapping my stomach in knots? Probably not. Trying the bathing suit on a million times in the mirror making sure it didn’t show too much. I felt vulnerable, but not the good kind.

I never had that with Zach. Within three weeks on knowing him, I sat across the table from him  and told him that eventually, he would be my first kiss. I flat-out told him that to his face without any hesitation or nerves.

“A different kind of happy.” One of my best friends is a guy. I love him dearly and we’re pretty close. A few months after Zach and I were serious I had dinner with my friend and we played “catch up.” It was in this conversation that he let me know about some pretty tough times he went through just a few months before. When I asked why he hadn’t confided in me, his answer was, “You were happy in a way I’d never seen you happy. I didn’t want to bother it or make you worried about your own relationship because I was having issues with mine.” Happy in a way I’d never seen you happy. I think that’s just the perfect way to say it.

frosty palace

And what kind of happy was that? I could sing in front of Zach. That may sound silly but it’s one of those little/big things.  I love to sing, but I have a terrible singing voice and I can get pretty uncomfortable singing in front of other people. Enter Zach. It started out with me being able to sing hymns next to him at church and eventually I was belting out my favorite songs on the radio in the car.

I had found someone I could be goofy with. I found someone who’s shoulder I could cry on.

I had found someone who would let me love him the way I know how to love people…with everything I have. And he was grateful for it.

That’s how I knew he was the one.

Any others out there, how did you know that your guy was the one?