What is your preferred Easter candy?

As much as Valentine’s Day and Christmas are candy holidays, it seems that most people have very strong preferences toward Easter candy. Right?

It may be the vast assortment from chocolate eggs to jelly beans, there are all kinds of Easter treats available. It seems everyone has a favorite or a few select favorites…what’s yours?

My first and foremost favorite Easter candy is a Dove Truffle Egg.


Those things are chocolate bliss. BLISS I tell you! They are really perfect.

But they’re supposedly hard to find when someone is supposed to put together an Easter basket for me (ahem…Mom and Zach–yep, I’m spoiled rotten. Totally and completely rotten, I know). So I rarely get these goodies anymore, but they are divine.

Next up would be those Mini Cadbury Easter Eggs. Real Cadbury Eggs? No thanks. I’ll pass, but those minis are SO good. They’re pretty much engineered identical to an M & M (chocolate covered in a candy shell),but so much better. I don’t know if it’s because there’s more chocolate or if the shell is crunchier (pretty sure it has to do with the shell.) Those things aren’t so much divine as they are straight up addictive.


I’ll pass on the Peeps, jelly beans, and Cadbury Eggs…but these treats are pretty much impossible for me to resist.

What about you?