I was so excited to participate in this month’s Cara Box Exchange.

(You don’t know about the Cara Box?! This thing is pretty genius, go here to read all about it!)

This month’s theme for the boxes was the letter of your name–we had to get to know each other and send each other things that had to do with the first letter of our names.

I had Nicole from Life in the  Boys’ Locker Room–I loved looking at Nicole’s life with a busy family full of boys! Go visit her to see what I sent her.

I was lucky enough to receive some goodies from Tiara over at Ice Cream and French Fries (don’t you just love that title!?!) She just warmed my heart with the best goodies.

She sent me:

Sweets…just a little for “those days.”


A Spring Cleaning Treat Bag–which I cannot wait to start using. That is like the ultimate fun for me!


Along those same lines she sent me a copy of Real Simple magazine to also give me some cleaning/organization tips. I love that magazine but I do not subscribe to it, so it will be a real treat to open up.

camera_20130327203925946 (1)

And last but not least, a few spring/summer  (bring on sun!) things for me to just feel good and enjoy.

I got hair ties (those new ones that I’ve been dying to try!), nail polish, a nail file, and some lip balm..which is going directly onto my lips as soon as I hit publish.

Of course the best thing was the heartfelt kind note that Tiara wrote me giving me a little health pep talk, which I needed. I admire her healthy lifestyle and attitude and I loved getting a little mini pep talk from her! It’s perfect to start me on a healthy stretch!

Thank you to the ladies I got to know through this experience (Nicole and Tiara) and thanks to Kaitlyn for putting the whole thing together. Check out the rest of the Cara Boxes here.

Join us next month!