We were fortunate to be able get away together for a few days over spring break and visit Seattle. Zach’s never been and I hadn’t been to visit in years so we were really excited to get there.

We ate:

Seattle Food

We saw:

Seattle Scenery

Nighttime Seattle Collage

touring Seattle

We walked:

And walked.

And walked.

walking seattle

And those Seattle streets kicked our butts..big time!

p.s. I paid a Seattle street vendor $20.00 to clean my shoes. Yep, Seattle killed me in more ways than one!

Awesome thing about Seattle? Everything you do is up and moving there…EVERYTHING! And I loved it.

Not so awesome thing about Seattle if you’re an out of towner? The streets! They are uneven, steep, hilly, and unpredictable.

By the end of the first day there we’d been on our feet for over twelve hours and walking for most of it. For whatever reason, I had forgotten how steep and hilly most of Seattle is. We estimate we walked between 9-12 miles with a lot of that being up/down hill.

We were walking back to our car that first night and it was too late to eat (I’m a hangry person so the mood was kicking in). I was so tired, my body ached, and every time we had to stop, my legs literally stung and I had to tell Zach how uncomfortable I was.

That night, we were stopped at a crosswalk for what seemed like an eternity (hangry+physically exhausted=melodrama at it’s finest) and I could not stand still so I said, “I seriously think I’m going to start crying.” Zach replied, “Go ahead.” He wasn’t being mean, sarcastic, or anything really..he simply told me to go ahead and cry. And that helped me to realize how incredibly ridiculous it was and instead of crying I started laughing almost hysterically at myself and the situation.

We got back to our hotel and ordered pizza, watched Friends reruns on the television and passed out just like at home, except we worked off that pizza and then some (I know, I checked on My Fitness Pal :)

The next day looked a little different:

Seattle Temple Collage

We visited the temple that morning and took our time getting there and getting out. Then we walked around the market again, because, well it’s there and it’s fun. Then in true Seattle fashion we met up with my friend, Dustin, at Starbucks and visited for three short hours.


Which was quite honestly one of my favorite things about our trip (can you tell?) Introducing Zach to a boy that I’ve loved since Freshman year and who has always held a piece of my heart, well that was pretty awesome. Verdict: Zach liked Dustin. Dustin liked Zach. And all was right in my world. Plus, I literally haven’t seen Dustin since we graduated from high school so getting to talk to him in person and give him a big hug made me smile really big (and also I may have initially started to tear up a bit, but I calmed myself down).

I always dream my vacations will look like this…




But they don’t. And that’s okay. In reality this picture was taken because we sat down to figure something out for like five minutes. A  man walked over and said we looked picturesque or something like that and wanted to snap a photo. We were far from picturesque at that moment. We were in a bit of a disagreement.  I was honest and said, “We’re kind of fighting, but sure.”

And that was it. We were over it and off to our next adventure. So much for sitting in a chair and looking at the water, there were other things to see.

We had a blast! The weather was great!  The sites were great! And we love to be together wherever we are (despite what you might gleam from the aforementioned story).  We saw all we could in a very short time and were  pretty exhausted when we got home.

Luckily we both had a day (I more than a day) for vacation recovery. Everyone needs to plan for those…even Mal.


He stayed with my brother and sister-in-law and their three dogs while we were gone and he’s been sleeping almost all day every day since we’ve been home!

Where we stayed:

Red Lion Hotel on Fifth Avenue (GREAT location, nice bedding, but room was really warm)

Best Western Tacoma Dome (Ha! We also stayed here just outside of Seattle for a few days thanks to a Living Social deal–hey! It’s right next to the Almond Roca outlet!:)

Where we ate:

Lowell’s (excellent breakfast, eat upstairs while looking out over Elliot’s Bay!)

Rock Bottom (We stopped in and shared lunch and grabbed some homemade Root beer which was awesome!)

The Crab Pot (My personal favorite from the trip. I had the prawns…so good!)

Ivar’s (Expensive. Home of our $14.00 bottle of Martinelli’s sparkling cider. No joke! The food at Crab Pot was better in my opinion, though Zach preferred the fish at Ivar’s…we wouldn’t go back.)

What we did:

Space Needle (day/night)

Chihuly Garden and Glass (eh! This was a Zach thing in the first place, I’m not big on exhibits like this so it was okay..not something I personally would choose to do again.)

 Pike Place Market


Seattle Temple