My wedding day was pretty close to perfect for me. When I think back to that day, a smile immediately comes across my face. Every moment of that day was almost too much for my heart to handle.

From getting ready that morning, sitting in the parking lot outside of the temple with my very-soon-to-be husband, our incredibly powerful sealing, to mingling with friends and family at our reception. It was perfection.

But there are just a few things I would do differently if I could do it all over again.

happy wedding day

1.I wore my mom’s dress so it would have been neat to at least recreate one or two poses from my parents’ day. I think that would have made a unique and special wedding day photo. I think even if you don’t wear your mom’s or grandma’s dress it would be cool to mimic one or two of their photos.

2. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. I didn’t do it. I guess I had something old, new, borrowed, and blue, but I didn’t really put any thought into it. I had all of those things, but it wasn’t something I put effort into. My aunt gave me something blue and that was the only thing that I was aware of. It would have been neat to have all four things photographed actually.

my bouquet

3.  Pictures. The pictures that are on our wall from our wedding (the first picture in this post is an example) are all candid. At least the ones of the two of us are. The only thing that bothers me is that the pictures of us with our families are all posed. Maybe I would have liked to have been a little less rushed and had a little more time to just be with our families and had our family photos be a little more candid. Who does anything with those stiff formal pics anyway?

4.Guest interaction. Now that Pinterest is so big, I sometimes wish I would have done more things to include my guests at my reception. Things like assigning each table a song to dance to, putting numbers on the tables and the guests write advice for the couple to open on that year of marriage, and the infamous shoe game. I think those would have been a fun addition to the party.

5. Most of all, I wish I would have written about it. I keep telling myself to do it now, but even now those memories have faded. I’m grateful for every single photo. I’m grateful for my Picasa Web album that has captions I wrote immediately after my wedding, they’re leaking with newlywed bliss. But I really wish I would have written down everything I can remember from every part of the day..including the conversation Zach and I had inside the temple when it was just the two of us. I only remember parts now. It’s my only real wedding day regret.

favorite cake picture

What about you? What would you add?