What overwhelms you?


Ha! Is it fair to say that just about everything overwhelms me? Here are just a few of those things:

  • Preparedness/survivalist stuff…along with that food storage, 72-hour kits, emergency money funds, all of that makes me want to shut down

  • Lists on the internet. Spring cleaning list, yard work lists, lists of things to do to give your home more curb appeal…anything like that just does me in. I can write my own self-generated list, but if I come across a list…it’s not pretty.

  • Thinking about the person I am always trying to become. She seems so far away. It’s discouraging at times.

  • Yard work. Gardening. I love the effects of gardening, I hate starting it up each year. Every year my mom comes over to help me get it started and I’m super grateful for her time and willingness to share her talents, but every year she shows up and I always want to say, “Do you want to go to breakfast instead?!” But rather than do that, I practically stomp my way to finding my gardening gloves and put them on while having a tantrum in my mind (which sometimes manifests a little physically) and then I head out and tell mom that we need to finish as quickly as possible. Yes, I’m also a real treat when I’m overwhelmed. Did I mention that?

  • Thoughts of babies, family, kids needing braces, no sleep, balancing work and motherhood…massively overwhelmed here just thinking about it.

  • Too many dishes or loads of laundry. I try to make sure that nothing ever piles up, but when it piles it PILES I tell you. I just don’t even want to touch it. Too much work!

  • Mostly, though, I’m fortunate enough to be totally and completely overwhelmed with love for my husband, my family, my home, and my life. I’ve got it pretty good and sometimes I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude…I have SO much and am so blessed to be surrounded by goodness.

What about you? What overwhelms you?