There are some fashion(ish) bloggers out there that I kind of crush on. They don’t exclusively blog about fashion, but they throw an outfit post out there here and there and I love to look. I love to see the creativity of an outfit come together. I will never be one, though. Here’s why:

1. Unless I’m at work or on a date (and even sometimes when I’m on a date) I am wearing a hoodie…and I like it that way. 

not a fashion blogger hoodie pics

p.s. Pics in the top left corner and the bottom right corner–those are almost identical yet three year apart. It makes me laugh!

 2. I still wear boot cut jeans. 


Top-Bronco Shop Bottoms–Silver Jeans via Maurices

And that right there was an attempt at humor…unless of course you really want a Broncos sweatshirt, then by all means click that link and go shopping.

3. I prefer to go sans makeup on my days off.

not a fashion blogger makeup free

I love dressing up, but I also love dressing way down. I will go to the grocery store on a Saturday and see all these ladies I go to church with. They’re wearing layers…sweaters over blouses–belted together, tied up with a string of pearls. While I’m makeup free, hair in a knot, hooded sweatshirt and boot cut jeans.

You may wonder why I have so many makeup free pictures taken of myself by myself. Well, I’m kind of a nerd and I try different things to see if they help my skin clear up. I chronicle the improvements (or lack thereof) through pictures to see if I can identify/isolate one main cause. In case you were wondering, I can’t. The best things for my face are to eliminate sugar and the sun, but nothing works for sure.

4. I don’t like flats. 

steps 2

I wear boots with my jeans, heels and sandals with skirts and dresses …everything I wear has a heel. EVERYTHING! (Well except for my teacher shoes)

5. I’m not photogenic. 


This isn’t as bad as most from this particular occasion. I almost always have a double chin in photos, my eyes usually look tired/too squinty or both, and I never know how to look at the camera.