The amazing Skinnys are giving me a piece of their blog today. I love  their 1o Truths About Marriage posts ( his here hers here). Marriage has taught me a whole bunch of things as well. I even did a series on it (Which part would you like to read? 1, 2, 3, or 4?)

Something else marriage has taught me? Never say never. I started out a list of the things I always vowed I’d never do before I met Zach.  My defenses crumbled like an over-baked cookie to those “Nevers” once he entered my life. You can see the beginning  of my list over at Meet the Skinnys.


This picture always makes me laugh

Here are a few more things I always vowed I’d never do, but ended up doing:

I will never: Like cooking. I won’t be a typical Mormon wife. I won’t cook.

Now: We all know how that turned out for me! :)

I will never:  Be an action movie type girl. My husband can watch action movies with his friends and I’ll watch chick flicks with my friends and we’ll meet up afterwards.

avengers midnight permier

Cool wife to a nerd husband..midnight premier of Avengers…yes, my face doesn’t look the best here (remember, I’m not photogenic)

Now: First of all, refer to ” Never” #2..I want to spend time with him. Plus, Zach and I have weird schedules and few friends. So that kind of put us in a situation to see “each other’s” movies. At first I did it to be “fair” or nice or just to spend time with him. I realized I had totally and completely changed over Thanksgiving when we had a long weekend and I could stay up late. We wanted to go to the late movie on a Wednesday night so I was checking movie times. Check the cheap theatres first (obviously) and I yell to Zach, “Yes! Taken 2 is playing at 11:15! We’re going. Wait! Oh no! Red Dawn is playing at 11:25 at Edwards! Oh no! Which one do we go to?!” I was legitimately torn and so excited about both. Zach replied, “Who are you?!” I just laughed. I totally switched sides without even realizing it. (We ended up going to the cheap theatre that night and then to Edwards two days later. I laughed a good portion through Taken 2, though. “Kim, your mother and I are about to be Taken!” Also my brother’s fault!)

I will never: Use baby talk with my spouse, or child for that matter. (Actually, I’m not sure if I ever actually said this out loud or if it wasn’t even an option in my head).

>That Kind of Love...

Now: Yep. Do it. All.the.time. Also my brother’s fault. My brother uses weird phrases like, “Is urs pissy, Ham?” (That probably needs to be translated for anyone that reads my blog aside from my mom and husband). And now we use “urs” all the time. In addition to that we say, “Seepy’ instead of “sleepy.” And sometime we say “Shreepin!” (Funny thing I did once to the tune of Eric Church’s Creepin’ and then it caught on). We say, “Told” instead of “Cold.” And I’m going to stop there because I have thoroughly embarrassed myself.

I feel as though I just devoured an entire humble pie all by myself.

I must admit, though. Humble pie never tasted so good. I’ll gladly shout to the rooftops how wrong I was and how quickly and easily I caved. Why? Because this marriage business is so much better than sleeping in the middle of the bed alone…or better than coming home to someone I don’t want to hang out with…or being too proud to let my hair down and have fun with my husband.

Care for a piece of your own humble pie?

What did you never?