The past three weeks at my job have been, to put it mildly, highly stressful.  Our company has recently been purchased and we have been going through an extreme amount of downsizing all across the board.

Our group was told three weeks ago that we would be reducing our department. This process would involve reapplying for our positions-we would go from 31 to approximately 13 positions. This is a bad situation to be in no matter which way you look at it.  As you can imagine there was a lot of talk amongst us and speculation and fear.

If you know me and my opinion on women the title above probably will surprise you a bit. I have worked with women for the past 27 years. I go to church with them and I have friends and family who are women as well. I know some very good women. I love a lot of them but, as a whole my opinion is very biased. I feel they are somewhat cruel. I find many of them outright dishonest and some are so extremely insecure that they will belittle one another and gossip to no end. These facts are not unfounded. I have seen it time and time again. I also tell you that if you have a bad story,, i.e. husband cheating, kid is a mess etc. that story will spread through the group sooooo much faster than so and so is getting married, buying a cool house, got a new job or lost a lot of weight.  There was a quote by Katie Couric that is something like this “there is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women.” We don’t tend to build each other up and there is a jealousy there. I am not speaking as an outsider looking in … I am a woman.

This last week has given me a gift that I have actually hoped for for a very long time in my life.  I have seen a lot of very good women…  We had our interviews last week. Mind you we are all applying for the same job- so we are all competitors, no one is safe.  I have a friend that works in the desk in front of me. She is a single mom, sole support of her family, she is recently out of a bad relationship, her brother died and she holds a second job to keep going.  We all saw the schedule of interviews and when I walked in on Wednesday-trying to be ready for mine…she walked back to my desk and said to me “ Hey I just want to come and tell you Good Luck in there today.” She meant it… I wanted to cry…  If I do well in there it is one less chance for her-who would do this?  A Good Woman… I saw a Good Woman!

Then my friend who sits over the wall from me comes over with this list of types of questions that could be asked and shows me the list.. Tells me what she did and hands it to me to write them down and go through them in my head before I go in.. I am also competing against her for a job. She is helping me do MY best in the interview.. If I do my best there is one less chance for her.  What a Good Woman.. I saw a Good Woman!

I know this may seem offensive to some of you and I do not mean it that way. I just wanted to state that I have officially and truly seen the light. I  know some very good women and I love a lot of them. I also have seen an example of how we should behave and I am truly going to try harder to be a better woman.  I want to be that person. I want to be the cheerleading, kindhearted and unselfish person. The person who wishes good will for others.

I want to be a Good Woman!

Dedicated to Jacque and Cherise..