Married life pre-kids is pretty amazing. It’s the never-ending sleepover of all sleepovers and every night is like its own date night.

Well, if you like to unwind every night on the couch together watching Netflix.

And you go to sleep at the same time together.

And you have a snacking desire prior to aforementioned bedtime.

Around here all three of those things are true.

When we were first married, as many of you know, I was like, “Yes! This is SO awesome! We get to hang out together all the time!”


When we were dating, we saw each other just about every single day, but we didn’t eat every dinner together and we certainly didn’t sit down in front of the television together most days. Sometimes it was really late and I saw Zach for just a few minutes after class, some days we were working out logistics for our home/wedding/etc., and yes, some days were actual dates.

Then you start living together and those logistics get taken care of AND you still get to hang out and head to bed together. WIN WIN! Right?!


It just hit me the other day when I was trying to decide whether or not my diet changed after I got married…we just kind of synced into marriage together so I didn’t really do any adjusting so I felt like our basic diets were the same and then I realized: I didn’t used to have a treat every night before bed and now I do!

And then I also realized: I went to bed before midnight at least half of the time before I was married, now I rarely do! 

We got into the habit of eating late night treats immediately after we were married as we finished off our leftover wedding cake every.single.night for three months. That’s not an exaggeration.

So after that it became all kinds of cookies, brownies, and of course ice cream.

And with Zach’s crazy schedule when he was in school he sometimes wouldn’t get home until late and I still wanted to hang out and visit with him for a bit and so I would and then we’d head to bed at some ridiculously late hour.


Remember the sleepovers of your childhood when you would come home to your own house and crash due to unhealthy amounts of sugar and not enough sleep?! Then you would go to bed at a normal hour the next night and detox on the sugar?

I just realized I’ve been living in an eternal sleepover for the past three years!

Is is fun?! Absolutely! Does it need to be reined in a tad at our house? Absolutely x 1,000,000!  Stay tuned as I figure this out!

Does/did anyone else have this problem?

**This post is certainly not implying that we have pillow fights and chase each other around the bed all of the time. It’s not perfect. We do have disagreements, but we also HAVE fun together. Maybe at the expense of my health, but we have fun! :)