E was my date to plan. I originally had these grandiose ideas like “education” (and had planned to maybe sign us up for a city rec class or something) and the like.

alphabet date e

When it came down to it, I planned the most basic date we’ve had so far. This happened for 2 reasons: 1. I was not feeling well 2. I wanted to see 42 really badly, so I had to make it work.

We started off the night with breakfast for dinner…including EGGS!


Zach loves breakfast for dinner. I don’t share such a love. We’ve maybe done it once or twice in all our married time. I just don’t get it. It’s weird to me. But since Zach likes it, and I needed an “E” meal, it worked perfectly.

Then I got as basic as it gets and decided that for entertainment we would go see 42 at Edwards.

The whole point of these dates was to get out of the rut of dinner/movie dates, but I really wanted to see it and at least we had a different kind of dinner before we went out.


I started feeling way worse than I originally was after this picture was taken. I shivered through the entire movie…even though I had a hoodie on (and the hood was up over my head), and I was achy. When we got home I had a fever and I was miserable through Sunday.

It was a pretty low-key date. The movie was incredible. I ended up crying at several different parts. I got to teach my students about Jackie Robinson last year as it was one of our reading stories and I just love him! The movie definitely didn’t disappoint.


Let’s Brainstorm some “F” ideas:


French fries, French dips, flapjacks, fettucine alfredo, filet mignon, fish, fried foods, fondue, franks (hot dogs), French toast, fudge

Restaurants: Fuddruckers, Famous Daves, Five Guys, Fridays


frugal (each person gets “x” amount of money, who can spend it most wisely?), festivals, farmer’s market, fishing, and  financial planning

Any ideas?