Do you sing in the shower?



I do NOT!

I actually didn’t believe that people really sang in the shower except for on movies growing up. My mom didn’t sing in the shower unless I was in there with her. (Did that just make you uncomfortable? If it did, that makes me laugh. When I was little, mom used to have me take showers with her and we’d sing and dance to Dan Seals’ “Bop“..anyway…) And I don’t think my dad has ever sang a song anywhere on this earth since he was eight…maybe never.

Then I got married and Zach will occasionally did sing in the shower. His sisters do, too…I hear it when we get together for family stuff. Well actually his sisters sing at the drop of a hat. His whole family seems to. It’s very comical actually and worthy of its own post someday.

When Zach sings in the shower, it makes me smile. It’s just one of those things that happy people do. (I’ve always secretly felt proud that I was married to such a happy person).

A few weeks ago my brother was telling a terribly inappropriate story about  his friend when they were on a trip to Salt Lake recently. His friend was in the shower and my brother was using the bathroom. (We’ll leave it at that).  He was like, “Miles was singing “Lean on Me” in the shower….”

And I was like, seriously how many people do that? I didn’t think it truly happened and now my life is bombarded with singing showerers.

Are you one of them?