Which movie can you be found frequently quoting?

I actually don’t do a whole lot of movie quoting, but here are a few of mine:

Liar Liar (this is probably number one and my brother and I quote this movie together and then we laugh and laugh) that movie is freaking hilarious!

Source      (Also, this looks like my uncle Will. It does, just believe me.)

-Rain Man

-A Few Good Men


-And even though it’s not a movie, I’ve re-watched Friends so many times and therefore I quote it all the time. Again with my brother. Most frequently quoted friends character? Ross! Forget about Chandler, Ross is the real comedian. Also, we frequently quote Parker from the episode where Alec Baldwin was a guest star. That episode is so funny I can almost not stand it!


(P.S. Let’s talk Friends for a minute…My Top Three Episodes: The One Where Ross Got High, The One in Massapequa, The One Where Ross Finds Out…in that order)

What about you? What’s your most-quoted movie?