My thought for this blog came from Shar’s blog about favorite Easter candy.  She stated that the Dove Truffles were “apparently hard to find according to Mom and Zach”.  Apparently they are nowhere on the earth Shar!   A few years ago they were at my local favorite Albertsons, handy and right up the road.  Two years ago I was trying to buy them and I started a search. I looked in Target, Fred Meyer, Wal-Mart, Winco, Rite Aid, ShopKo, and K-Mart and of course Albertsons… Yes, this is what I do if I know someone really wants something. It borders on insane. I didn’t find them two years ago, couldn’t find them last year but, my dad had just passed away so I didn’t try as hard. I decided to get them this year… Here is what I did… Searched on Google, put a back order in on Amazon, went to Dove Website, called our buyer in corporate to see if she knew where they would be and called the vendor…Nope-NADA… so I decided to try the Godiva Truffles… twice as much money and they don’t touch the Dove. So that was Easter. 

 I have given some gifts that I really shouldn’t have given but, didn’t think of at the time such as books and music that people may not like. You should never give books and music unless they are specific I know now.  The thing is I like to give gifts, I like to give things someone wants or uses or wishes for. It just sometimes turns into a real live clown show.

Here are a few of my many…       

  1. My mother-in-law wanted some small 4×7 or something frames… they were not a usual size. She was going to use them for some old family photos. I went to I believe 8 different stores, called a frame shop and haunted antique places… My sister-in-law found her 4×6 frames or something like that and they were fine… I did get a lot of sightseeing out of this one.  
  2. Shar’s clothes the Christmas she was 10-ALL too big for her. She was really tall for her age   and skinny.  I was trying to find her things that would be long enough. This was an epic fail of large proportion. My Mother-in-law had to talk her down from this as she was tall and understood this problem.
  3.   Todd pant’s for Father’s Day 18 years ago!! This is a story in and of itself. This was back in the day when apparently retailers thought there were no men above 5’11 on the earth… I am now very good at looking at the bottom of a rack and deciding if the pants might even be close to long enough. My kids have not forgotten this day. Shane stated as Todd was opening his presents “ Gosh Daddy we shopped the WHOLE day for only YOU!”  
  4. The time Shane was 5 years old and had played a video game called Excite a Bike at a friend’s house. Oh he loved it! He wanted that game for Christmas.  He told Santa he wanted it. I found out that Santa couldn’t find it. I went to toy stores and game stores, called Block Buster Video and Videoland. I bought a gamers book and called a gaming company.. The game was not for sale anymore! I told Shane that it might be hard to find that game and he told me “that’s ok Santa will get it for me” OH NOOOOOO!!!! Nothing strikes the fear in me more than Santa not finding a game.. I was talking about it at work and a friend  told me of a pawn shop next to the café she waitressed at part time. Guess What?? Got it Found it .. two of them to be exact.. So Santa was able to give Shane and his friend Jason next door an obsolete game for Christmas.. Happy Day!!!
  5. And here is one of my best and worst ever. My sister in law wanted one of the statues of Christ for Christmas. My mother in law told me that and  I wanted to give it to her but, at the time they cost more than I thought I could spend, still  I wanted to get it for her. I was once again talking to a friend of mine and she said.. “I have friends that MAKE those. You can do them for like a fourth of what they cost at the store -they have classes.. they teach you how.” She loves this stuff. I do not!!  I thought hey for Taunya I will do it. So I  head to Nampa they have several choices- oh the happiness in my head was endless. I was like wow I could give these to EVERYONE!..  Until…. Out comes the ceramic is all soft and green and you sit at these tables with these tiny knives and you scrape the edges off the molded ceramic and try NOT to cut the nose or hair or hands off while you do it and all the while next to you are these Grandmas with life size dolls and pictures of their grandkids and they are carving out clones of their grandchildren.. eye color, mouth shapes, hair strands all of it. I was kind of freaking out at the one little girl staring at me from across the table and her grandma was putting her hair on!!!

I was too busy to worry to much about that as I was trying to get around Jesus’ robe.  This took Cindy like an hour .. 2 hours later I am ALMOST done with this .. The thing was . that wasn’t done. You had to take your statue home and let the ceramic get hard and then bring it back to bake it.  So 9.30 at night I pack him in the box and take him home I put the box on the dryer at the house. The next day I go to look at it and it has folded over in the box.. Apparently when my dryer ran it shook it into a crooked mess.. I am now really upset. Cara calls to ask something about a dinner for mom’s birthday .. I tell her I don’t know my Christmas present to Taunya is ruined!!! She said what .. I said “my Jesus is all crumpled up in a box!!!” I am crying now.. to which she states. “oh he isn’t just your Jesus.. honey and he is not in a box- He’s in your heart!”


If it were truly the thought that counts. My family would have had more gifts than they could ever handle.  Which is possibly why the universe makes it more difficult for me .. What a bunch of spoiled family I would have. J


p.s. I did go on to get another statue.. I actually made two .. one for Taunya and one for my mom.  I think they really liked them so actually SUCCESS!!!!


Merry Christmas- Happy Easter-Birthday-NEW YEARS!!!

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