Last weekend Zach had to work unexpectedly. All my housework and the like was done. Grocery shopping done. Everything was done because I was planning on going on a date with Zach that night.  I could have done some school work for some credits I’m taking or worked on the units for a rational number action research thing I’m doing, but it was Saturday and I decided not to. This shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows me. If I can do ANYTHING other than homework I will.

Instead, I worked on blogs (I have most of May’s posts scheduled–woohoo!) and I read the few blogs that were posted. (Weekends are slow in blogland and I like it like that usually).

Luckily Raven posted and I was ecstatic, she cracks me up. She’s one of those bloggers who is so completely different from me and I love it.

It was a prank post where she texted her family members:

“Got 2 grams for $40.” and then a second text that said “Sorry. That post wasn’t for you.” Check it out here, so much funnier on her blog.

Anyway, I laughed really hard. I wanted to try it on my family but it wouldn’t work. That’s a prank you would do TO me and everyone who knows me knows it. It wouldn’t work for a second.

But she linked up to one that I could pull off here from back in December ’11. “Oh well, it’s old, but I can still do it” I thought. Plus I was bored. (The video with her husband in this post made me laugh out loud…I may or may not have watched it multiple times.)

Let the texting begin. I texted Zach, Mom, and Shane. I laughed the whole time I was doing it, I’m a nerd. I know. At least I’m happy, right?!







Yep, mom. You were the only one who went for it. On the other hand, you were the only one who kept it short and sweet, my gosh. So I was totally preparing to give mom a hard time about this and then a friend from work texted me a question so I decided to try it out on her.



This is just what happens when you’re friends with or related to a blogger…I knew this would make a fun post…and so I had to do it. And it was way more fun for me than homework.

Do you know that’s one of the only reasons I caved and got a Smart Phone? I wanted to be able to screen shot texts and blog them (some of the posts I laugh the hardest at are those type posts). I haven’t had much of a chance to so I decided to create my own chance.

Family beware. It was too much fun not to do again.