If you’re a teacher hopefully you’ll relate (and even add some of your own to the comments section). If you’re not a teacher, this will give you a little insight to the mind of a teacher.

teacher truths


1. Without fail you will ALWAYS get sick sometime during Christmas break and Spring break. ALWAYS.

2. After a professional development day (where you learn new teaching strategies/get new ideas) you dream those things. You dream math problems, anchor charts, flow charts, writing prompts, lesson plans, teaching your class that way.

3. You count down the days until you can sleep in finally and when that day is finally here, you can’t sleep.

4. You have headaches only during the school year.

5.  Teacher Work days are almost as good as having the day off. Sometimes they are better. Not because the kids are gone, but because the kids are gone and you can get SO much done. 8 hours to plan lessons, enter grades, and organize. Those days are the best. The week following a teacher work day is also the best. Things are ready to go and nothing’s piling up.

6. You have to stop yourself from saying things like you would to your class to other adults. “Well, that sounds like an excuse to me, why don’t you try problem-solving that situation. You have to learn to solve your own problems.” “Is that an appropriate way to talk to someone else? Is that acceptable here at school?” (I most often want to say that in the teacher’s lounge. Apparently our P.R.I.D.E. rules only apply to the students?!!?)

7. Much like #6 you have to keep yourself from being a teacher everywhere you go: the grocery store, restaurants, Roaring Springs. Yes, a couple of kids once left their floating devices in a spot where they didn’t belong and ran off. Yes, I did call them back and told them to pick them up and put them away where they belonged. I didn’t know them. They (and my husband) just stared at me. They did it, though.

8. You are familiar with more acronyms than the military (RTI, ISAT, IRI, RCBM, DMT, AR, STAR, CCSS, and the list goes on).

9. You have a home away from home. Your room becomes a safe place for you (and hopefully the kids, too). You have a relationship with them, you all care about each other. When you walk into school that little space that belongs to you is another home.

10. You are showered with more love and gifts on Christmas, Valentine’s day, and the last day of school than anyone related to Bill Gates. It’s true. It’s also the most genuine kind of love and adoration.

Next week is teacher appreciation week, in light of that I will be spotlighting some influential teachers of mine throughout the week. If you want to get your child’s teacher something but haven’t yet, I wrote a post on my preferences for being recognized here.