F was Zach’s turn to plan! We’ve had some super low-key dates lately, and that’s okay. First I was sick with our “E” date and then Zach was sick with our “F” date. Let’s hope by this weekend’s “G” date, we’re all better, cause I’ve got some things planned!!

Zach started off by serving one of my favorite dinners:
French Dip Sandwiches (and Baked French Fries) oh and Mushrooms at my request (fungus I guess?!!)

F Foods

Tell me those fries don’t look amazing?!? The whole meal was SO good.

This is the only picture I got of “both” of us all night. I was trying to get a thing with me being funny while he’s working away, but they were awful and I deleted them.

date night F

Zach origninally had some great “F” things planned that will have to somehow be incorporated at a later time because instead of going anywhere or doing anything, we snuggled on the couch (which is our favorite place to be–though we often refer to it as “Best Place Ever!”) and Zach napped for a good hour and a half while I read.  (Our schedules are such that we have to follow through with our dates or they just won’t happen.)

We were supposed to have some board game fun after that, but instead we had some cuddling/Justified/kissing kind of fun instead and it was just fine with me.

I loved every minute of our weekday date.

G Date Brainstorming


Goodwood BBQ, Gandalfos, Garbonzos, Golden Star, Golden Palace, Golden Coral


Ganache (YUM!), Garbonzo beans (hummus anyone?), Garlic bread (or anything with garlic), General’s Chicken, German Sausage, German Choc. Cake, Gingerale, Gingerbread, Granola, Graham Crackers, Grilled Cheese, Grilled Anything, Greens

**I’m still having a hard time narrowing down food and/or a restaurant…there are so many perfect choices


Gaming, Guns, Bubble Gum blowing contest, On the Go, Art Gallery, Golfing, Go-Kart Racing, Gardening, Goal Setting (The Datng Divas have a fun date night post about that here), Gym

So many fun things to do with G!